My dear Editor Mbai, my take on the coalition talks pertaining to the forthcoming elections in the Gambia is that the opposition should avoid a single party acting as a guerilla among them. From the look of things, the proposed coalition is likely to work but the Gambia Democratic Congress is playing lip service. I have no qualms with them but they have to realize that they are new comers in the political scene in the Gambia and to indulge into guerrilla activities will just derail the process of any chance of ousting Jammeh in the elections.

KANDEH GDCIn any coalition, when one party tries to go against the establishment for their own purpose, then that is reminiscent of a guerrilla government and this exactly what the Gambia Democratic Congress is trying to do. They may be financially viable, but what political experience does the flag bearer has compared to Halifa Sallah and Dr. Isatou Touray. These two people are seasoned politicians cum academics that the country needs to foster any meaningful change.

The precarious nature of the Gambian political scene at the moment has no room for a guerilla government in the midst of the coalition. There has to be a unifying voice should the Senegal style of ousting former President Wade takes place in the Gambia. Even if the Gambia Democratic Congress has a dissenting opinion from the rest of the opposition, let them make it ethical and avoid a situation that would land Jammeh back to the State House in December. I know there are lots of social media rhetoric about the GDC’s proposal for any meaningful coalition but if they join hands with the other opposition parties then there would not be any talk of conditions anymore. I see no reason why they should put any conditions for a coalition when they are not the leading opposition party nor have the experience known to anyone as active politicians.

The attitude of the GDC leadership should send shivers to the rest of the opposition because their financial viability is questionable and whether they serve the interest of Jammeh too is another question. The more the GDC forces the opposition to divide, the easier will it be for Jammeh to sweep the elections again and that means another 5 years of hardship for the Gambia. This can be stopped if guerilla activities are curtailed in the midst of the opposition and the only party acting as a guerilla government at the moment is the GDC. What Mama Kandeh fails to realize is that acting a guerilla among the opposition can have repercussions for his political ambitions because he is not seeing the big picture in this whole issue. He is only promoting policies that are not workable in the first place and will not help the GDC achieve any meaningful results.

By Ebou Ngum, Everett Washington

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