APRC propaganda people are planning to bring Ouza Jallow to campaign for them. The desperate dictator is finding it hard to influence Gambians. Jammeh believes that by having Ouza here Gambians will forget about all the atrocities he committed.

Gambian youths need to wake up. They need to remember that the world has isolated and abandoned us. They need to be enlightened and wake up like Senegalese youths.

Your vote is your power and it demonstrates you are awake. Don’t just copy Senegalese dance and songs, copy their political awareness. Senegal change 4 Presidents, and we cannot even change one peacefully and democratically.

The youths and women are the biggest obstacle to change. Wake up, we need Dictator Jammeh and his evil empire to vacate State House, so that genuine democracy and freedom for youths can come in.

Wake up Gambians youths music is not a sign of enlightenment. Don’t let a criminal mafia Gangster President deceive you. Say no Senegalese hustlers.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

Ouza Denies Author’s Reports

Contacted by the Freedom Newspaper for comment, Ouza Diallo vehemently denied such reports. Mr. Diallo said there is no iota of truth in such claims. He told the Freedom Newspaper that it has been about a year and  half that he has not been to The Gambia, or spoken to dictator Yahya Jammeh. 

“What you are telling me is news to me. I have not receive any invitation from The Gambian President. Such reports are false. I have been busy with European performances. I  haven’t visited The Gambia for a while now. Do not pay attention to such rumors. The people behind such false reports are up to no good, ” Ouza said.

“I am aging now. I travel to places like Germany,” he jokingly said. 

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