Hi Pa, this is the first time I am writing to this medium. I have a point of correction or an objection to brother Ebou Ngum. Bro, I usually enjoy your articles but this time around I was so disappointed to see you saying that Mama Kandeh is inexperienced and cannot be compared to Halifa Sallah or Isatou Touray. For Halifa, I can partially agree because Halifa, was in the field before him. Even though he started politics before Mama, Mama was opportune to handle international positions in politics at the AU Parliament, in which two were unopposed and elected in one.

For Isatou Touray, I was shocked to see you saying that she has more political experience than Mama Kandeh. What political experience does Isatou Touray has? Tell me her experience in politics. May be she didn’t started this few months ago. Where was Isatou Touray, when Mama Kandeh was Hamat Bah’s campaign manager in 1996? Where was Isatou Touray, when Mama Kandeh defeated Adama Barrow in Jimara in 2001? Where was Isatou Touray, when Mama Kandeh was a parliamentarian at the AU Parliament? And where was she when Mama was busy strategizing and laying the foundation of the GDC until it is what it is today?  

All these years, Mama is actively engaged in politics while Isatou was at GAMCOTRAP. So where is the political experience she got? I respect her because she is contributing her quota to national development. I want to believe that she has experience but on what. She has experience on how to discourage people on FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION but not politics. So give the devil its due.

Mama is not a candidate to be underrated and doing it is suicidal. Baboucarr Bojang, has written so many articles trying to set light on the matter. Go back to his articles and read them once more. All of us are aspiring for a coalition, but it is sad to see other opposition parties and supporters fighting a fellow opposition party. Then how can we succeed in achieving the unity we are looking for. Gambians based in The Gambia and the diaspora let us sit back, think twice and try to be fair to each other.

Pa, I want to remain anonymous.  

Written By A Concerned Citizen 

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