Boy! The next president of the Gambia will have the biggest challenge of his/her life. Yaya Jammeh left us with billions and billions of dalasi loans from the International financial institutions to pay. He left us with billions of dalasi of local loans to pay. The parastatals owe the local banks billions of dalasi to pay. Government owes billions of dalasi to private enterprises unpaid. Most if not all-international financial institutions have stopped funding the Gambia government projects.

With this gloomy economic picture Jammeh has left us with, the next president will have a lot financial red holes to deal with. I hope M Njie of freedom the future finance minister (lol) and Seedy Sanneh the future financial adviser of the next president are bracing up for this huge economic and financial challenge post Jammeh. Negotiating this disastrous financial situation with creditors in post Jammeh will not be the least easy and will take all the ingenuity and economic and financial disciplinary commitments for creditors to accept restructuring the loans with the new government.

After leaving us with catastrophic human right abuses a catastrophic foreign policy, Yaya Jammeh now left us with the most difficult and catastrophic economic situation to deal with after he departs the State House. The next president will certainly age fast for dealing with the above catastrophic situation. It will not be a child play neither an easy ride for fixing all the above.

The human rights crisis is the easiest problem to fix by the next president, however compensations to victims will be an added monetary burden to the future financial crunch faced by the new government.

In as much as we Gambians are concentrating on the upcoming elections, we should also be mindful that Jammeh is contracting more and more loans not for his campaign but to ship these amounts to safe place for his future personal use.

Yaya Jammeh will not spend a butut of his own for the upcoming elections for he knows he will loose them. Yaya Jammeh is quiet like a picture not because he plans to surprise us with his campaign might but because he knows he cannot commit more human rights crimes as he his government faces US visa travel bans. He therefore resorts to committing more economic and financial crimes quietly with help of his rubber stamp House of Assembly.

Gambia open your eyes and brace up for the most difficult economic restructuring program and it will not be easy for the poor people of this country.

Yaya Jammeh mindset is not focus on Gambian people but his family and personal safety. Yaya Jammeh knows he will leave the State House this December and will never gamble his single butut reason why he categorically told the APRC to fund their campaign and not depend on him.

We Thank the Junglers (Bull dogs) for giving Yaya Jammeh sleepless nights as we approach the elections.

Thanks for your attention.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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