Pa Nderry, I salute the Banjul letter writer’s dissenting views with regards to my piece on GDC’s guerilla activities. Specifically, I did state that I do not have qualms with the party. My major concern is Mama Kandeh’s reluctance to foster an environment that would encourage a coalition to oust Jammeh in the December elections. The Banjul writer did state some interesting things about Mama Kandeh’s political experience and I find that interesting but not convincing.  Look at it this way, I have listened to Pa Nderry Mbai’s interview a while ago with Mama Kandeh and quite frankly what I heard does not seem to resonate with his political experience vis-à-vis the points the Banjul writer is trying to raise. I am not relegating him to the nothing but his political experiences falls far below Halifa Sallah and Dr. Isatou Touray.

The Banjul writer was very clear and convincing about his admirations for Halifa Sallah and I do agree 100% with that. May I assure the Banjul writer that I admired Halifa Sallah since my high school days at St. Augustine’s and I do not have a doubt that he can broker this convention for the interest of the Gambian people.

With regards to Dr. Isatou Touray, the Banjul writer did not convince me that she can only be credited for fighting FGM in the Gambia. Yes, while at GAMCOTRAP, Dr. Touray led the crusade against an established social vice (FGM) that claimed so many innocent lives in the Gambia and in other parts of Africa. She is not only a political powerhouse but a woman of substance indeed. Dr. Isatou Touray is a career public servant per excellence and I can confidently state that if a resume can land someone at the state house without an election, then she is very qualified to be President of the Third Republic.

I want Mama Kandeh to come on board and join the other parties in the fight to oust Jammeh and quite frankly, I want to assure the Banjul writer that I do not disrespect Mama Kandeh in anyway. I want him to read in between the lines that his desertion from the rest takes away a chunk of the votes too. Mama Kandeh had lamented that no single political party can defeat Jammeh so what is the reason for the guerrilla activities GDC is encouraging?

Today I read some interesting highlights from Dr. Isatou Touray about her objections to some parts of the Convention, and I am convinced that those are things they can table and come to an agreement. With regards to the diaspora, I want the Banjul writer to know that the reason why there is so much pressure on Jammeh, in part, is because of the noise coming from the diaspora. The opposition may be viable in trying to bringing about change through the ballot box but much of the human rights abuses, corruption and other violations the Jammeh administration does are mostly escalated by the diaspora. So in effect, it’s not just about putting our hands on a keyboard and type anything; it’s all about protecting the interest of the Gambia where we belong.

By Ebou Ngum Everett, Washington.

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