Can the Independent electoral commission tell us what is going on at the GTTI? What are these boxes? Voting boxes right? The elections have been rigged. Jammeh is playing smart with the opposition. The opposition should send their agents at GTTI and gather more evidence.

The IEC is not independent. Jammeh never consulted them. People have been contracted to do a job for Jammeh at GTTI. The contractors are being monitored. They should understand that Jammeh is using them to steal the elections.

Some of the local contractors on the ground at the GTTI told us that the order to make the boxes came from the State House. They said Yahya Jammeh has asked them to secretly make election boxes for him ahead of the polls. These boxes are never accounted for. Neither IEC, nor  the opposition can tell us how many boxes the GTTI produce a day. They do not even know where the boxes made from. Interesting right?  Welcome to The Gambia, where dictator Yahya Jammeh steals elections.

An  IEC insider told this medium that they were never informed about the making of the election boxes. The insider expressed dismay at the regime’s move to make such boxes with informing them.

“This is news to us. The Commission is not aware of the making of election boxes.  I will not be surprised if the GTTI is being contracted to make the boxes. The system is rigged. There are so many irregularities taking place here,” said the insider.

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