The former Gambian Ambassador to France, Ousman Badjie, has been freed by Justice Dada of the High court after years of malicious prosecution by the failed Jammeh dictatorship. Mr. Badjie was acquitted and discharged, following the prosecution’s failure to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

According to the Point Newspaper “The particulars of offence stated that Ousman Badjie between 14 to 30 June 2014, in the Gambian Embassy in Paris and diverse places in The Gambia, as the Gambia head of mission in France, owing to his willful negligence caused economic loss to the government of the Gambia to tune of 27,500 Euros being monies paid by Societe Generale Agence Central Provlvead Haussmann Paris 75009 without authorization to Faisal Bojang, the former Gambian financial attaché to the Gambia embassy in Paris, France.”

Count two stated that on the same dates and at the same place, owing tohis negligence caused economic loss to the government of the Gambia to tune of 34,333,00 Euros being the revenue collected but not deposited and other shortages caused by Faisal Bojang, the former finance attaché’ to the Gambia embassy in Paris France.

In count three, he was alleged to have willfully neglected to perform his duty to follow up with the Societe Generale Agence Centrale Provlvead Haussmann Paris 750099 to recover the sum of 27, 500 Euros being the monies paid without authorization to Faisal Bojang.

In count four, Badjie was accused of willfully neglecting to perform his duty, consequent upon which Faisal Bojang caused shortages in the sum of 34,333 Euros in the Embassy account.

Count five alleged that Badjie willfully neglected to perform his duty to pursue the police declaration that the signature of the Deputy Head of Mission was forged, and thereby committed an offence.

Mr. Badjie was recalled to Banjul in the wake of the France Embassy scandal. He was briefly hired as a Minister, but he later got fired.

Today, Ousman Badjie is a free man. He is likely to be recycled to the status quo in coming weeks.

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