A Gambia Germany deportee, who was trying to make a comeback to Germany, through the “back way” has been shot dead in Libya, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Alhagie Bunka Suso, was murdered by Libyan fascists amid attempts made by Mr. Suso to rescue a Gambian girl, who was being maltreated by some Libyan thugs. The incident occurred in Sabha, Libya.

Prior to his gruesome murder, Mr. Suso was detained by Libyan thugs together with the following Gambian migrants:

Dawda Mbye

Lamin Badjie

Sulayman Sanyang

Musa Gibba

The above mentioned young men were arrested at a Libyan city called Sabha. They were required to pay certain amount of money by their captives before they could be released. Luckily, for them, Suso and others managed to escape from custody. 

It was during the period of their escape that Suso and his boys met a Gambian girl, who was being tortured by Libyan thugs. He tried to come to the girl’s rescue but he was shot at. He died on the spot.

Mr. Suso hailed from Bundungka-Kunda. He got deported from Germany some years ago. He was trying to make a comeback to Germany, when  he got killed in Libya.

The Gambian migrants in Libya spends days without food. They are often at the mercy of Libyan thugs. They are usually exposed to routine torture and in some occasions mock executions.

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