We are 42 days from Election Day. I wonder what is holding Mai Fatty and Gomez to join their colleagues in Banjul and partake in the coalition talks and help organize, campaign and galvanize the electorate to vote Jammeh out of office. What are they afraid of? What have they said to the regime that other political leaders have not said?

The elections are not taking place online with radios and Facebook; the elections are taking place in the Gambia. Being thousand of miles away and asking the same rights as those on the ground is unjust, dishonest and downright opportunistic. These two party leaders should just pack their suitcases and come to Banjul if they want to be counted in the coalition. They should be told that no participation, no representation. You cannot leave the donkeywork with leaders on the ground and asking to be counted as equals and even be given ministerial positions in a future coalition government. I just don’t get it.

Thinking that one can outsmart people is a thing of the past in this modern world. These two leaders want to take the leaders on the ground for a ride and it should not be accepted. You cannot ask people to farm a land and you sit out there and ask to be given an equal share of the farm produce.

These two absentee political leaders behave like they are the masters of the political leaders on the ground toiling and working hard to get Jammeh voted out of office and yet want to be treated as equals. Come on men!

Other political leaders are spending time, energy and money going round the country campaigning and these two distant party leaders have nothing to contribute but their mouth. I am not even sure if these two leaders have supporters on the ground.

Unless we tell each other the truth every effort to unite Gambians is bound to fail.

These two absentee leaders should not even be accorded time on the online radios.

Thank you for accepting the truth.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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