Fatou Mass Jobe has lost her sanity as a woman. She is as mad as Yahya Jammeh. She is now a certified enabler to the core. This lady lacks empathy, faith, and self-esteem. She can sell her soul for money. She has always been a gold digger. In short, Fatou Mass has sold her soul to the Jammehs. 

Fatou Mass JobeMany are wondering as to why Fatou Mass, is shamelessly embracing and enabling the Jammehs.  Well Fatou Mass’s relationship with the Jammehs have been bounded largely by money and sheer lies. She is the type of Banjulian, who can lie to get money, and position. And the Jammehs understand her weakness. 

Yahya Jammeh uses his bully NIA to harass Fatou Mass shortly after she was recalled from her Indonesia assignment. Her passport, including other travel documents were impounded by the State before she was “pardoned” by the Kanilai monster.  She has been recycled into the failed Jammeh system.  

Back in the day, Fatou Mass Jobe dumped her husband Gumbo Touray, for another man in the person of hotelier Buna Njie. We are talking about Gumbo.  It was Gumo, who assisted Fatou Mass to be able to study in the UK.  She was not even an average student. She returns home and lobbied to work at the Standard Chartered Bank. The former SCB Manager was messing with her while she was married.

She had a rough divorce with Mr. Touray. The rest is a long story. We will live it at that.

Buna Njie, came in at a time after she dumped her former husband, when Fatou Mass, was shuttling between the State House, and SCB. She did some dirty job for Jammeh while she was at the bank. Jammeh rewarded her by appointing her Tourism Minister. At this time, she was married to Buna Njie.

Fatou Mass lost her head as soon as Jammeh appointed her Minister. As soon as policemen started escorting her, she started acting funny with Buna. She even onetime abandoned Buna and moved to the AU Villas. The AU Villas belongs to The Gambian government, but Jammeh has taken over the villas.

She has asked Buna on numerous occasions to divorce her. The last request was made shortly after she was appointed Ambassador to Indonesia. The Islamic court (Cadi court) had to arbitrate between her and Buna. A divorce was granted.

When she lost her Ambassadorial job, she sends some elders to Buna, pleading so that the failed marriage can be restored. The couple have reunited once again.

Fatou Mass Jobe is a silent enabler. She is now working with the First Lady to beg for funds to run what they called a Foundation For Gambian Children. Gambians should watch this lady. She is an enemy of our country and her oppressed people. No decent woman should embrace and enable a despot like Jammeh. Shame on Fatou Mass Jobe. 

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