Fatu Mass Jobe, your name is all over the Gambia as the remaining griot and biggest financial enabler of Yaya Jammeh and Zeinab Suma Jammeh.

Fatou Mass JobeFatu Mass Jobe you are all over the place conspiring with Zeinab to milk parastatals, banks and private companies to make wild and blood sucking contributions of $10.000- or D450.000- for a table of 8 people for your unwanted gala dinner of the 26th October 2016.

As we write this article, there are many marabous in Kanilai, preparing concoctions to put into the food to be serve to invitees. Who knows if these mysterious concoctions are poisonous to our health? Do you want to be a party to this mystical enterprise?

Fatu Mass, where was Zeinab, when her husband’s wild speeding motorcade hits poor children to death? Where was Zeinab, when mothers leaving their children behind are illegally jailed by her despot and criminal husband? Being the first lady in our country for the past 16 years can Zeinab speak any of our local languages? Fatu Mass Jobe, why do you choose to be the most stupid enabling hypocrite when this criminal couples days is over? We are 41 days away from regime change, would you reflect?

Fatu Mass Jobe your name is all over the place as the most hated griot and nuisance in milking funds all over the Gambia for the State house criminal couple that are today vomited by all Gambians. Fatu Mass, we know you are doing all this dirty and financial milking job simply because you want to be recycle as a Minister. Fatu Mass, in a democratic government, you are not even qualified to be an under secretary much more a Minister. It is only in a despotic regime like this one that stupid people are promoted to high ranks.

Fatu Mass Jobe, you come from an honorable family and your brother Serign Jobe is one the most respected Gambian engineers in our country. What legacy are you building for yourself here? You spend all your time on weekends going to marabous. We all know that you don’t have self-confidence and depends on mystic and mischievous means for promotion and ascend. You cannot write anything in the English language and always find excuses not to write because of your terrible and poor vocabulary and grammar. You are only good at shouting like a parrot in public galas but will never venture into delivering a comprehensive professional expose.

Shame on you girl, you are in the list of the Bull dogs. So be careful.

Fatu Mass, you are also identified as the person who gave the idea to the APRC to compel civil servants and private sector workers together with families to wear green color and go to Kanilai on the 25th November 2016. Really Fatu? What are you trying to achieve here for Jammeh with the above conspiracy? Are you the conduit pipe for poisoning the working class of our country this fateful day? Are you about to portray the green color dressing of this crowd as Jammeh supporters live on GRTS?

Fatu Mass Jobe, “Bayil Sakhel” you are dancing with the devil full time more than anyone else in the country. You might live to regret your actions and very soon as regime change is just about to happen indeed. You are on the radar of the…. Be warned while it is not late. Jammeh is finished and there is NOTHING you can do to change that. So don’t lie to this criminal couple that you can turn things around, you are digging a dark hole for yourself.

You are a big shame to the venerable Saer Jobe family. Shame on you Fatu!

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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