I am a regular reader of the Freedom Gambia News, living in the UK but have a property which I regular visit in The Gambia. The more I read your columns the more it sickens me what is happening to the people of The Gambia under Jammeh. Such a beautiful country with beautiful people being systematically conned by this corrupt government. But alas only they can change it.

Hopefully in December they will take upon themselves to change it. Put in a government by the people for the people. Gambia needs the right people to go forward, a tourism minister who can really see the potential that the Gambia holds. Miles and miles of wonderful beaches. Go cap in hand to European investors, offer free sites to build hotels along the coastline, with secondary supply no one in the Gambia should be unemployed. When I see truck loads of Mango being shipped to Senegal and the like, why not get factories built to produce Gambia Mango Chutney – Mango Smoothies, or Fruit Juice. Capitalize on the fishing industry etc etc. The world is their oyster.

I drive around Brikama / Serrekunda / Banjul almost anywhere you go, and see groups of men just sitting around passing the time of day, come on lads get of your backsides and make your country great again. There are thousands of men and boys who are really hard workers that cannot get jobs. It needs a motivated government who can look to the future with determination and vigor – come on people of Gambia get cracking.

Written BY Urnbee

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