We are back! Chief Jammeh enabler Fatou Mass Jobe is a close relative of the current Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chairman, Alieu Mamar Njai. Fatou Mass’s father and Alieu Mamar Njai’s mother Yai Horija Jobe, shared the same father, based on our investigations. The duo come from the Njoben and Njaian family of Serre-Kunda. The Kanilai monster mastered the game of recruiting enablers.

Fatou Mass JobeFatou Mass’s late father died when she was pretty young. Her mum Adama Saidy, died years later. Fatou Mass and her other siblings had to be raised by Alhage Jagne of Serre-Kunda. Mr. Jagne shared the same mum with Mam Anta Khan.  Mr. Jagne is Fatou Mass’s uncle. 

For those of you who doesn’t know Alhagie Jagne, Mr. Jagne is a fine gentleman, a loving father and a true Gambian patriot. He is a building contractor. He is an engineer of that sort. This is the guy, who helped raised Chief Jammeh enabler Fatou Mass Jobe. Fatou Mass turned her back against Mr. Jagne, as soon as she started getting closer to Yahya Jammeh, and the then junta, which toppled Jawara’s government.

Mr. Jagne was able to raise Fatou Mass and her other brothers and sisters from his own hard earned labor. Jagne’s business suffered a major setback after Yahya Jammeh came to power. Jammeh and co denied him access to government contracts. He was labelled as a PPP supporter and sympathizer. He is a close friend of Omar Amadou Jallow (OJ).  OJ’s wife is related to the Njoben and Njaian family of Serre-Kunda.

Given Alhagie Jagne’s upbringing of Fatou Mass, one would have expected the gold digger enabler to at least give back to her uncle, but alas Fatou’s ungratefulness never ceases to surprise right thinking minded Gambians. She decided to ignore the old man and embrace the very dictatorship that humiliated Mr. Jagne and other family members of Fatou Mass.

Fatou Mass also shared the same Dad with Serign Jobe, the former MD of NAWEC. Serign is a fine gentleman. He was very supportive of Fatou Mass when she was attending Serre-Kunda primary school, and later St. Joseph. Fatou Mass later stopped going to Serign Dippa-Kunda home, as soon as the old man had fallen out with the dictator.

Fatou Mass, has no excuse to say that she doesn’t have good parental upbringing despite the fact that her dad died at an early age. Mr. Jagne was there for them. She was well fed, taught moral and Gambian values. It is a shame that she is today Jammeh’s Chief secret enabler in town. Shame on Fatou Mass Jobe, 

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