Finance Ministry insiders say the corrupt Kanilai monster Yahya Jammeh, has taken his share from  the 13 million dalasis, The Gambian government recently borrowed from a Washington DC financial institution. The insiders said Finance Minister Abdou Colley, who was very instrumental in brokering the loan, has been privately complaining about Jammeh’s sheer greed. A good chunk of the loan is going to Jammeh’s coffers, the insiders said.

ABDOU COLLEY (2)The insiders are avoiding to state the exact amount of money going into Jammeh’s coffers, for safety reasons. But the insiders maintain that even Abdou Colley, is not the least pleased with the way Jammeh is going about hijacking the funds.

Amadou Colley is a puppet Finance Minister for Jammeh. He is as guilty as Yahya Jammeh, when it comes to racketeering of funds loaned to The Gambian government by foreign financial institutions. Colley has the alternative to resign if he doesn’t subscribe to Jammeh’s thievery against our people, but he has chosen to say. Complaining behind closed doors is not the answer. Colley, please do the right thing and resign to safeguard your reputation.

According to insiders, Jammeh is using his Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister to steal funds from the Finance Ministry. There are instances Jammeh would instruct his SG, to request money meant for developmental projects from his Finance Minister, well before even the funds arrived at the Central Bank, the insiders said.   

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