Dear bro Pa, listening to you on the importance of the Gambian people in this election cannot be better than said. Freedom Radio has paved way for the people to acknowledge and accept that Nation building is a shared responsibility in all aspects of its Institutions with the people, which is widely recognized and bring a new trend in Gambia’s political and social history.

The Online Radio Show, brought discourse flat forms for Gambians to address key issues patterning to three vital elements, politics, society and economy. God bless you Pa. Unfortunately, the situation in the Gambia is a real cause for concern. The people of the Gambia have a big choice to make that will surely determine the type of Gambia our Children will be proud of and our actions and the choices we make for generations to come, sure before us and there after us.

We all in this shaping of our political, social and economic system to serve for all. This is an important election for the people of the Gambia and indeed the Country. Fair and balance in the name of social justice freedom and liberty as human beings and what they deserve. So, thank you on your part in informing and empowering by raising awareness on issues essential to our beingness. A true nature of a patriot; you are. Kind Regards. Minno. 

Written By Minno, UK

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