Has the government of Macky Sall, lifted the travel ban imposed against dissident Sedia Bayo, a French national of Gambian origin? Well sources reaching us said Mr. Bayo, has been seen in Senegalese soil recently. Our source went onto state that Mr. Bayo was spotted within Senegalese territory recently after he was banned from entering the French speaking nation.  

Mr. Bayo has recorded numerous videos claiming that he was in The Gambia with his men, who are plotting to overthrow dictator Yahya Jammeh’s government. He even vowed to arrest Yahya Jammeh if he fails to resign and leave the Presidency.

Just last week, Mr. Bayo was spotted in a bushy village, which he claims was in Gambian soil. In the said video, Bayo said no matter how long it would take, he and his men will depose Jammeh from power. He also informed The Gambian opposition that elections cannot remove Jammeh from power. He maintains that only arms struggle will depose Jammeh.

Mr. Bayo also stated that one of the reasons why he and his men have taken the supreme sacrifice to bailout the country from Jammeh’s tyranny was due to the unquantified atrocities perpetrated by Jammeh against The Gambian people. He lamented that many innocent Gambians have died in the hands of Jammeh and his agents, while opposition leaders are languishing in jail. Bayo said he is waiting for the right time to strike on Jammeh.

Our source intimated that there are Gambian soldiers and security officers under Mr. Bayo’s payroll. The source said Bayo’s presence in Senegal, has been widely talked about within the country, more importantly the respective intelligence agencies.

Mr. Bayo could not be reached for immediate comment. The Senegalese government could not be reached for their own side of the story.

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