It has been reported in the pro-government “newspaper” the Daily Observer that Yahya Jammeh has donated $20,000 dollars to the First Lady’s Foundation For Gambian children. Well it turns out that Yahya Jammeh is lying. Jammeh has not donated such funds. Jammeh is merely trying to set the ball rolling for unsuspecting donors to fall into his bait of scamming them. This was a well-coordinated scheme to deceive and fool Gambians. Folks close to the First Lady’s Foundation are aware of what’s going on. Jammeh is broke and he needs your money. Jammeh should be humble and honest. Why making such big headline stories—knowing for a fact that he has not made such a donation.

jammeh newAt a prearranged presentation of the purported $20,000 Jammeh claimed to have donated to his wife’s Foundation, the corrupt dictator whose annual salary is less than $20,000 said:  “We will do whatever it takes for Gambian children to continue to live in healthy and brighter future.”

The President, according to the Daily Observer, added that the main objective of the Foundation is to create better living condition for all the children in The Gambia, thus calling on all especially the ministers and institutions to support the needy by participating in the fundraising gala dinner scheduled for the 26th of this month.

Going by the foregoing pleas made by Jammeh for his Ministers to use their meager salaries to donate to a Foundation, which its annual earnings is never publicized, goes to show that the desperate dictator is not as rich as he claims to be. He is begging his Ministers money. He is also begging institutions to donate his wife’s Foundation. What a shame.

The so called gala dinner has been scheduled for the 26th of this month. Institutions should boycott the fundraising.  The Jammehs are up to no good. They cannot use the name of Gambian children to raise funds, only for them to turn around and ignore their plight. From 2014, to date, when the said Foundation was set up, we haven’t heard any serious project spearheaded by the bogus Foundation. The Jammehs are broke.

Poor Ministers would be compelled to use their salaries to support a cause that Jammeh himself is not supporting. It is easy for Jammeh to lie before national television by making such cheap claims of donating $20,000 dollars to the Foundation. As reported above, the broke Jammehs are out to bait Ministers and public institutions to come to their aid. This is the lowest that the Jammehs can go. 

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