The Gambian government has announced its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Freedom Newspaper can report. The decision was reached today. The Gambia is the third country to withdraw from the ICC. South African and Burundi were the first to part company with the Regional body.

Observers say the Kanilai born monster’s move to withdraw from the ICC, has been motivated by his growing thirst to shed blood in the coming December, elections. The statement to withdraw from the ICC, was announced on state television tonight. Gambians across the country have been taken aback the regime’s move to sever ties with the ICC.

Fatou Bensouda, a Gambian born native is the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC Court. She once served as Jammeh’s Justice Minister. She has refused to make statement on the current political atrocities taking place in her native country. 

The ICC’s credibility has been put to question in some quarters. Some African leaders have accused the court of selective justice by targeting certain leaders in the continent. They argued that only African leaders are being tried at the ICC. 

The Freedom Radio anchor Pa Nderry M’Bai hinted few minutes ago about Gambia’s planned move to withdraw from the ICC during his Prime time news analysis show. He argued that the impending move would be motivated by Jammeh’s ongoing plans to crush the opposition in the December polls. Shortly after his radio show, Mr. M’Bai received a message from one of his reporters informing him that The Gambian government has withdrawn from the ICC. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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