The Jammeh’s Operation Save the Children Foundation Gala dinner will be held today.  A circular was sent to all the public enterprises to pay US $ 10,000 or D450,000.00 for a table of eight people, this means US 1, 250 ( D 56, 250.00) per person to attend the dinner. This is the most expensive dinner to be hosted in any African country.

JAMMEH IS SICKWith each person entitle to 2 meals and/or 2 beverages, each plate of food will cost them D 20,000.00 and soft drink for D5,000.00. Any person of conscience attending this dinner is part of the mafia group of disgraceful elite of Gambian oppressors who are in the business of robbing the poor and giving it to the rich knowing that buying  a plate of chicken for D20,000.00 can feed twenty thousand poor children who are supposedly to benefit from the charity.

With the epileptic nature of the electricity supply in the country that is affecting not only the Serekunda General Hospital, but all the homes of those attending the dinner paying over D50, 000.00. Does it make sense to raise funds for a project that has already received over D10 million from the People’s Republic of China, enough to build a new children hospital? 

All those making monetary contributions to the OSCF using rate payers and tax payers money should know that they must account for their shameful actions soon especially when it is a known fact that most of these funds will go to finance Yaya Jammeh’s re-election campaign. 

Gambians want to know how much money have the OSCF received and how much have been spent on charitable causes?

 Many will be surprised to know that all the OSCF accounts are managed and signed solely by Zeinab Jammeh under Operation Steal the Children’s Funds (OSCF). 

Written By An Insider 

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