Acute cash shortages is threatening the existence of the Jammeh dictatorship. The Jammeh regime is virtually bankrupt.  Salaries might not be paid in the not too distance future if the regime is not send packing. A leak circular issued by the Accountant General’s Department, has hinted about a drastic pay cut for Foreign Service workers. Gambian Embassies around the world have been slammed with massive pay cut for Diplomats, including junior embassy staffers. 

The regime is battling with acute foreign exchange shortages amid economic crisis. As we file this report, the Accountant General is trying to figure out how to maintain Gambian embassies overseas. There is no sufficient budget to maintain Gambian chanceries around the globe. 

A source who wrote to us said: “ As I sent these two attachments, the Accountant General Department has paid salary to some of The Gambia Embassy staffers at a deduction of 40 percent with effect from October, 2016.”

According to sources, “a meeting was convened at the Accountant General Department, in which there was no approval from PMO and clearly this is an indication that the government is bankrupt.”

Below is the documents we received from our dependable and reliable sources.  





Below is the transcript of the minutes of the meeting:



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