Speculations and counter speculations continue to rife in town about the whereabouts of the Deputy CDS Yankuba Drammeh. Is the Deputy CDS Yankuba Drammeh on the run or is he on vacation in the United States? Mr. Drammeh arrived here one month ago, under the disguise that he is visiting his family in the state of Minnesota, but many are questioning the timing of his visit—given the major national security challenges facing the Jammeh dictatorship. For example, the attack on the Kamfenda security base and the unabated spate of arson attacks taking place in the country.

With barely less than thirty five days before Gambians would go to the polls to elect a President, the Army Deputy Chief of Staff General Yankuba Drammeh, is away from the country. He is said to be on vacation in the US. Drammeh’s wife and family live in Minnesota.

It has been gathered that one of his kids is suffering from a medical condition. Drammeh himself had an eye surgery last year before he was recalled from the UN to The Gambia.

A source who reached us said: “ Yankuba Drammeh arrived in the US about one month ago. He is here to see his family. I do not think that he is on the run. But at the same time, you know with these people. The system has crumbled. The impression I received was that he is on vacation.”

Another source said: “It is not normal for the army Deputy CDS to be away when his country is facing security problems. I want to believe that he is on the run.”

Yankuba’s boss Ousman Badjie was recently on tour of military barracks. He used the tour to prevail on soldiers to be loyal to the status quo. 

It has been reported that Mr. Badjie has been fired. Unless Jammeh rescinds his decision, Badjie has been sacked.

Yankuba Drammeh was The Gambian Ambassador to the United Nations. He was later recalled and redeployed to the army. Sources in Minnesota have confirmed about Yankuba’s presence in the State. There is no indication that Yankuba would be returning to The Gambia anytime soon, sources said. 

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