Hello Pa, over the years, I have become a keen follower of your medium Freedom Radio and newspaper. On this note, I want to give my humble contribution towards the Opposition Coalition in the Gambia.

I have listen to the Civic Education Show.

In my humble opinion, I think it is better for the Coalition to go without Mama Kandeh on board. Mama Kandeh has a huge base of crowd among which majority of them are young and politically inexperience. Base on that, Mama’s Supporters may be loyal to Mama and Mama only. If that is the case, It is better for Mama to branch out.

Again, if the Coalition can form their own base just like Mama did, it will turn out to be a win win situation. For instance, if Mama can pull 40% of the vote, and the Coalition can pull 30% of the vote, there is no way Jammeh will emerge victorious.

Another issue is..It has been widely publicize that Mama has a lot of grey area which include education background, finance, etc. Therefore, if Mama joins the Convention and happen to be the leader of the coalition party, then those that embark on castigating him in the past will become a subject of controversy. If Mama failed to become the nominee, probably his supporter will withdraw their support believing that there was infighting against him.

I know my opinion may vary with other Gambians, however, this is my positive mindset in the absence of Coalition Party.

Once again Pa, Thanks for all you do.

Written By A Concerned Gambian In Banjul 

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