Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians according to reliable DCC agents monster Jammeh has again issued directives to the IEC chairman that he MUST win the election by all means necessary. The IEC chairman has been warned that if he does not comply all his former court cases and investigation will be reopened again. The IEC chairman needs to leave the country because he put himself in a dangerous position and DCC will be surprise if he is not arrested, jail or he disappears. One of the directives the IEC chairman received is to allow the entire Gambian security apparatus to vote before the election. Fellow Gambians monster Jammeh is a fraud and will do anything to stay in power. The entire military status including the army, police , immigration, etc will be put on standby two weeks before the election and they will all be forced to vote for dictator Jammeh. As we speak the ballot boxes are being prepared and will be delivered to the various camps and barracks so that the security apparatus can vote.

sedia-bayoAccording to the IEC DCC agent the ballot boxes will be put in a position where the heads of the officers can monitor who is voting and who they are voting for. Dictator Jammeh is working with people to also install CCTV cameras in these voting stations. This is a way of putting pressure to the officers and make them vote for him. If the opposition don’t UNITE and stop this then monster Jammeh will rig the election and will eventually declare himself as the winner. The rogue CDS Ousman Badjie is still on tour spreading this message that the soldiers, police, etc will all vote before the elections and they are expected to vote for monster Jammeh. This is why this rogue CDS is touring the whole country, he is scanning and designating locations where the soldiers will vote. He is even taking and counting soldiers serial numbers and threatening officers that from now on there won’t be any military courts ONLY FIRING SQUAD. The rogue CDS himself is asking if every military officer has a voting card or not. Ousman Badjie DCC is monitoring you and watching every step you are taking. Ousman Badjie DCC is reminding you that we know the secret visits you made to MILE-2 whilst your brother JESUS was in custody. Do you want to deny this?

Ousman Badjie DCC has information whilst you were in a foreign land where you mentioned that dictator Jammeh must be toppled. Now you have become the mouth piece of dictator Jammeh and trying to help him rig the election. Ousman Badjie we are aware that you are threatening officers that they must vote for dictator Jammeh. Ousman Badjie DCC is recording everything and one day you will be prosecuted. Monster Jammeh’s health condition will not allow him to campaign so he will use every tactic to rig the elections. Monster Jammeh do not have the stamina to tour the country, DCC can confirm that, let him try and see.

Fellow Gambians, highly placed DCC sources have now confirmed that there are rebels in the country. There is a group call NASA, National Salvation Army who are present in the country. According to NIA flash reports which dictator Jammeh received, the group is led by Seedia Bayo. Gambians should not underrate Seedia Bayo who is determine to topple monster Jammeh. According to the content of the presidential flash report, NASA is well funded and prepared. They have been training in the Mali region and will use sophisticated weapons such as drones to topple monster Jammeh. Once Jammeh is aware of this now and that is why he is completely avoiding public gathering. DCC cannot fully disclosed the full plan but several authorities are discussing how they will handle refugees in the eventuality of mass exodus. Gambians should brace for something massive, NASA are determined to topple monster Jammeh. Gambians do not be surprised if the election is completely cancelled or postpone.

Monster Jammeh and devil Zeinab will do anything to stay in power. Devil Zeinab is now the forefront campaign manager and strategist. Devil Zeinab is planning to be the first Gambian queen, and monster Jammeh will be the king. Gambians take this seriously, as you all know the official name of our country is that it is an Islamic state, if the election passes and monster Jammeh wins, the country will be transformed into a KINGDOM and monster Jammeh will be king and devil Zeinab will be queen. Gambian women should wake up and stay away from this devil. Just this past week she conducted a fundraiser where she invited the princess of Dubai and other foreign dignitaries. A lot of money was raised and dictator Jammeh and devil Zeinab are planning to use that for the APRC campaign. This coming weekend devil Zeinab will be in Kanilai and she is going to force all the prominent women in the country to attend and financially donate money to the APRC party. DCC is warning high profile women not to attend this event, monster Jammeh will put something in the water and food that will be served during the event. Devil Zeinab is more active than dictator Jammeh who is weak and always needs the doctors to give him medicine so that he can walk around.

Monster Jammeh has not been in the office since early August. Devil Zeinab is trying to manage areas where she will soon run into big problems. For example, devil Zeinab is not happy by the amount of monies deposited from Samba who manages monster Jammeh’s properties. Unknown to many Gambian the building where ZENIT bank is located is owned by monster Jammeh and is managed by Samba. This is one of many properties Samba handles for dictator Jammeh. But Zeinab is now questioning why the funds coming from monster Jammeh’s properties are not as high as before. Devil Zeinab has now successfully embedded Arab dominated guards into the state house and the soldiers are not happy about this. Devil Zeinab is obsessed with power and cannot wait to be crowned as the first queen of the Islamic State of the Gambia.

Fellow Gambians, in another development there is one army camp that is causing a lot of havoc in the Essau region. The community are complaining and our DCC agent has witnessed the abuse of power taking place in this camp. This camp led by Captain Salif Corr are sleeping and taking women from their legal husbands and sleeping with them every day. Captain Salif Corr himself has abducted a teenager by the name of Anna Coker from Essau and is hiding her in Senegal. When the parents of the girl said that their daughter will not marry captain Corr, he used force against them and abducted the girl. The whole community is worried and is looking for the girl. In the meantime captain Corr continues to threaten the people and saying that he will seize their properties if they report this matter anywhere. Captain Corr will borrow from the shops and no one will dare ask him to pay. This camp MUST be disbanded before it is too late. 

DCC can also report that the DG of NIA is in trouble and monster Jammeh will arrest him soon. Gambians do you recall not long time ago YANKS was making a lot of trips to Senegal. Gambians an operation in Senegal was unsuccessful and some junglers are under custody in Senegal. Yanks how come you can’t rescue junglers arrested by the Senegalese authority? Does this explain why you are making so many trips to Senegal, who did the junglers attack and why, the whole mission is being exposed and the junglers are under arrest and they are revealing a lot? Yanks do you want to deny this, TIME WILL TELL.

Gambians, DCC can also report that State house is now equipped with a café cyber security team comprised of students dictator Jammeh sponsored to study abroad. Only few of them returned back home and they are being told that the way to pay back to dictator Jammeh is to be internet spies. Gambians be watchful, watch out on Facebook and other social media platform, they will pretend to be enemies of monster Jammeh, befriend you, and once you are identified that you live in the Gambia, then NIA will come and arrest you. But most of the time the café is down because there is constant power outage. Even state house is now affected by NAWEC, the standby generator can only feed few places in the state house. DCC will collect the names of these cyber spies and will reveal all their names. The NAWEC DCC agent also reported that they received directives from monster Jammeh that any village, town or community suspected of supporting the opposition should be disconnected from NAWEC, they should not receive any electricity. And this program will be extended throughout the country.  

In a last note, here are few lines Gambians should pay attention to and take seriously. Dictator Jammeh is digging bunkers in the FONI forest and claiming that they are wells for waters, they are not bow holes, they are built for hideout just in case if monster Jammeh need to use them. As this paper correctly reported, there is massive deductions on people’s salaries and all these money will be used for APRC campaign. Check your salaries and you will see that there is a deduction line for central government, this deduction is going to devil Zeinab and monster Jammeh. There is no more foreign money and they will deduct salaries and very soon they will reduce salaries too. Monster Jammeh is so broke that he will take money from watchmen, cooks, gardeners, etc. Dictator Jammeh’s mom was recently admitted at the hospital and he refused to pay any bills. All these years monster Jammeh was not even talking to his mother, when he heard that the mom is in the emergency unit he rushed from Kanilai to Banjul and in the process his convoy killed four innocent students in Lamin. The pickup that killed the students is in black colour and the soldiers assaulted people who took pictures and seize their phones. This is all recorded and will be reported accordingly, DCC knows the driver.  

Finally monster Jammeh besides the Arab guards he has also embedded mercenaries in his security detail. DCC will compile a separate report on this but this mercenary group is led by Swandi Camara, one Mr. Jarju and former members of mercenaries who used to guard Charles Tailor. They are now part of the presidential convoy and eventually will take care of Saul Badjie and junglers, that is their mission.  This is monster Jammeh at his best, divide and rule.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE, SOLO SENDENG and 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier 

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