Mr. Editor,

We received with utter dismay Dr. Isatou Touray’s school boy politics in withdrawing from the Convention at the last minute. Ramzia Diab, who chaired one of GOFER’s sub-committees’ absence at the Convention was equally irrational. The predicted apology from Dr. Touray’s camp later today will certainly not wash or convince Gambians that Dr. Touray and her team threw their head-tie/hat into the Presidential race on altruistic grounds for our broken nation. Dr. Touray has to go further and make serious amends, if Gambians will forgive and take her seriously again.

diabIn trying to avoid rehashing all that has been validly debated and charged against team Isatou Touray in your Leral Show, Dr. Touray’s camp need to step out today, issue apologies to the Gambian people.  They should not just stop at that.  Gambians expect Dr. Touray’s unreserved endorsement of the historic Coalition resolution.  She and her team should again go further to commit all their resources — manpower, financial and moral — to the Coalition efforts to unseat the dictator, and this involves merging her current and prospective potential with the Coalition during this campaign.  It is only through such atonement that I see myself and many disillusioned Gambians who earlier backed her up, potentially prepared to forgive her poor judgment, and ultimately restore her merited respect as an unselfish compatriot.

Mr. Editor, permit me to further expand why I hold the above position. Dr. Touray consciously joined the race at the time when Solo Sandeng’s dead body is being kidnapped by the dictator, and Solo Krumah murdered. Lawyer Darboe and the entire UDP executives are in Mile 2.  Amadou Sanneh, Imam Sawaneh and a host of others illegally incarcerated, and many of Dr. Touray’s surrogates in exile. The case of Solo Sandeng and the UDP bears on the general position for Electoral Reform. Team Isatou Touray could have stayed and joined the No Election camp, but Team Isatou chose to participate fully aware that the electoral process in The Gambia is flawed.

We are told Dr. Touray was among a long list of successors targeted and approached for the UDP leadership, but she turned the offer down. It is further alleged that a senior female executive member of the UDP took a very firm position when Dr. Touray chose to go independent on the basis that her NGO and many stayed mute while UDP women detainees alleged crimes of rape by security forces.  So UDP, after the failure of Dr. Touray and the many who failed to be in solidarity, regrouped and have successfully participated in the Convention.

Having turned down the UDP leadership offer, Dr. Touray should have extended an olive branch to the UDP, clearly spell her position, which to her credit she tried, but not convincingly that she is genuinely out in an independent capacity. Her strategies, in my opinion and as is evident, all failed. But to come out at the twelfth hour complaining about the process of the Convention, which her representatives designed, is dishonorable.  On hindsight, had she aligned herself with the UDP, we could have got a Dr. Touray/Mama Kandeh coalition-led.  But we are where we are and in moving forward, Team Isatou Touray should come out and commit to unreservedly joining the Coalition team.

Thank you again for the space, and as I always say, thanks to you people abroad, the political dynamics out here has changed for the better.

Written By An Insider 

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