With age comes wisdom, a conversation with a brother who peeled and narrated the sequence of events with timelines about Jammeh’s 2016 miscalculations. Anyone who followed Jammeh and his clannish ego and rhetoric knows that he has a special hatred in his heart for the Mandinka tribe. When he decided to retire his military garments into his oversized traditional attires for his lust for power, it was the mandinka leaders who were staged to crowd the state house to beg him into civilian politics. The mandinkas prepared him on all levels and supported him to score victories in all elections. After Jammeh failed Gambians on all levels characterized by gross human right violations, brutal massacres, tortures, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment people started to have a change in mind about him and his thug criminal league fixated on personal  enrichment at the detriment of poor Gambians and his ever ending pursuit for absolute power. Jammeh have long realize that the only group that is effective enough to check his power is not the Gambian parliament but the UDP, thus this citizens group have witness the most and worst treatments ever leveled. Jammeh has branded the UDP as a mandinka party which has recently been his rude awakening. The executive body and general membership and support of the UDP is very diverse and one thing that party is not void of is succession planning.

Ousainou_DarboeAs my conversation progress with this logical reasoning brother of mine, he reiterated that the events of April 2016 played perfectly in the fantasy of this brutal killer Jammeh to deal with the UDP once and for all. Solo Sandeng was brutally murdered fighting for every Gambians God given rights and that event left the UDP leadership with no option but to make the ultimate sacrifice to go on a protest March asking for the whereabouts of Solo. This was what Jammeh had waited for years, the last stroke to demise the UDP. He ordered the arrest and sentencing of Lawyer Dabo leader of the UDP, Hon. Momodou LK Sanneh, and Hon. Kemeseng Jammeh both previous minority leaders in the National Assembly and the rest of the UDP frontline. Coming into the 2016 election Jammeh knew his support has dwindled enormously mainly because of the economic hardships in the country, pervasive violations of basic rights and putting the UDP leadership behind bars was a break he prayed and longed for and it is settled in his buffoon mind that his biggest political obstacle is now put at bay. These events made him so confident that he feels he can tour the country with a mandinka bashing, insulting and threatening schema. Jammeh went on insulting the mandinka tribe and language, labeled them as infidels and threatened to kill them and deport them to Mali because in his pedestrian thoughts his labeled mandinka party is doomed. His thought process was that the UDP cannot survive without Darbo and co and he was convinced they will boycott the 2016 elections. To give him credit he is a smart fool as he immediately realized he has to find avenues to give the election some credibility and legitimacy because the remaining opposition parties are weak and inconsequential, he came up with an opposition party called the GDC and put Mama Kandeh in charge, a one-time APRC legislator who was evicted from the party thus losing the mandate bestowed on him by his constituent. Kandeh came out at a time when there was a lot of anxiety and people were looking for anything to give them the slightest glimpse of hope for change and at a time the UDP was busy putting its house together at leadership and at grassroots levels. Most diaspora analysts and supporters rushed to conclusions that he has the people behind him, a charismatic personality even in the wake of non-documented academic qualifications or serious accomplishments but as evident in his failed country wide familiarization tour scrapped short because of no turn out at meetings symbolizes the national cry and unity to remove the tyrant dictator and any efforts to dim that energy are seen and received unwelcomed.

Now that the UDP has rightfully earned the hearts and minds of the people as manifested in the immense success in their introductory tour, the utter decline in citizens’ support for Jammeh and his futile prop up GDC as an exit strategy, the erratic, selfish egocentric killer withdrew The Gambia from the International Criminal Court (ICC) without any due process or consent of the Gambian people as he did in the case of the Commonwealth of Nations and proclaiming the Gambia as an Islamic State. Jammeh has taken Gambians for granted from day one but if there is any dumb one in that country, surely it’s you and we flawlessly understood all your hidden idiotic rationale behind these moves. This is a tactic to instill fear and intimidate Gambians who in their nature are peace loving people but be warned those days are long gone and Gambians are ready to die for country just like Solo Sandeng and are ready to go to prison just like our NATIONAL HEROS who sacrifice their lives, families to liberate Gambia. The departure of Ousman Sonko also added fuel to the already unstable panic Jammeh and if the grapevine is anything to belief he left with a lot of damaging evidences against Jammeh and this withdrawal from the ICC is his injudicious way of mitigating the endless atrocious crimes committed against Gambians and the ones he planned to commit against us again from now to December when he loses the election and power of the people reign.

2016 is a year of change for the Gambia as narrated by this all round good brother. He was in the Gambia during the UDP court proceedings and took the risk to personally spectate firsthand the clashes, sentiments, frustrations and hunger for change in our people at the court house and across the nation and assured me that the wind of change blew through Gambia and nothing can stop the metamorphosis.

Thank you for the space.

Tata, Atlanta

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