A Tribute To The Veteran Politicians At The Convention Especially James Furmus Gomez And Madam Tambajang

And An Appeal To Our Current Elites – Measure Up To The Plate

Mr. Editor,

Permit me once again to thank all the Convention delegates first.  Allow me also to thank our veteran and emerging politicians. But allow me first to heartily thank the chair, Madam Tambajang.  Gambians have conveyed their appreciation for her selfless national service in many platforms and may I add that Madam Tambajang has rightfully earned our respect.  She has resolutely and fearlessly stood by defenceless Gambians in the past years. And if I can borrow the Holy Bible’s Beatitudes, Madam, you have “hungered and thirst for righteousness”, and have been “persecuted for the sake of righteousness”, so “you shall be satisfied and the Kingdom of God shall be your reward”.

Allow me again to single out another unsung hero in the person of former Mayor of Banjul, James Furmus Gomez. The sight of Mr. Gomez was pleasing, and pleasing for the following reasons. Honourable Omar Jallow, OJ, to many, is deserted in his PPP rejuvenation efforts and activities.  The PPP’s direction when it re-emerged, appears sauntered, to the extent that a powerhouse in Gambia’s political landscape for over six decades is unable to present a young presidential candidate.  And this situation justifies the charges you made in your analysis that PPP is irrelevant, hence the reason why I choose to bring the sight of Mr. Gomez for public discourse.  But may I hastily add a disclaimer that this write-up is not about your charges, but an attempt to demonstrate the sight of Mayor Gomez in the political process.

Mr. Gomez, to inform your readers and listeners is self-accomplished and successful to this day.  He headed one of the biggest international NGOs, YMCA, post-1994 in Kenya.  He retired home, contented, perceptibly with a very good pension package. But as OJ patriotically sums it: “Gambia gave me everything, so it is my turn to stand up and correct whatever went wrong for my grandchildren.” What a honourable call!  James Gomez has chosen to heed such call, and quite uncharacteristic of Gambia’s golden generation, took the front seat at the Convention on Sunday with OJ, Halifa, and others. 

Thank you, Mayor Gomez.  Gambians appreciated you yesterday by constitutionally electing you as Mayor of their national capital.  Today it is fitting for you to lead a cause to regain what has been lost.

Now, Mayor Gomez’s sight, and the thrust of this write-up is to appeal to the Golden Generation of the First Republic, and our current elite to show up. The country needs you now more than ever.  As OJ rightly extolled the moral compass of all that the country has provided to each and every Gambian in terms of basic education, to scholarships, and life securities’, “to whom much is given much is expected”.  We understand there is a dictatorship.  Many interests are threatened. However, there are many ways to contribute anonymously and give back.  The Gambia Democracy Fund is one way to do this and Gambians expect full participation from all conscientious Gambians who espouse democracy and a change to the current status quo.  This is the moment for your continuous participation; let us grab it for posterity’s sake.

Written By An Insider 

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