All is not well within Gambia’s Armed Forces. Over nine hundred soldiers have been demoted and transferred to the different military barracks across the country. The latest purge has created shocking waves across the rank and file of the military. There is total confusion at the State House. The State Guard accounts for the greater chunk of the soldiers demoted and transferred.  We can report that more thirty State Guard soldiers have been demoted.  A Colonel, who goes with the nickname Jesus, has been demoted to the rank of Corporal. 

jammeh newAt the State House, the Commander of the unit General Anusmana Tamba, has been demoted from the rank of General to Captain. Mr. Tamba has transferred to Yundum, until his fate can be determined by the Kanilai monster. The entire plain cloth division of Jammeh’s security detail were also demoted and moved to other units in the army.

This followed Freedom Newspaper’s revelations that some foreign guards are now in charge of Jammeh’s security in Kanilai and at the State House. This medium also reported about a rebel movement in town called the “National Salvation Army” (NASA) led by Sedia Bayo, a French national of Gambian origin. The soldier reported that Bayo’s men are on the ground and could strike at any given time.

Besides the challenging national security problems facing the Jammeh dictatorship, the regime is also struggling with acute cash shortages. The National Treasury is virtually bankrupt. There is no foreign exchange (foreign money) in the country. 

Commander Ansumana Tamba, was recently assigned by Jammeh to purchase cutlasses ahead of the campaign trial. The goal is to use the cutlasses to attack people perceived to be opposition supporters in the event of the slightest provocation they might encountered during the campaign trail.

With few weeks before Gambians go to the polls to elect a President, tensions are mounting in the military. The dictator has resorted to purging the military by demoting officers and soldiers. It is estimated that over nine hundred soldiers have been demoted and transferred nationwide. 

There is an imminent threat on Jammeh’s Presidency. The dictator is in a panic mood. He is increasing worried at this time. Jammeh doesn’t trust anyone. He is consistently cursing soldiers and his aides. 

In another development, there is another story the Freedom Newspaper reported few days ago, which is driving the Kanilai monster crazy. The paper reported that Jammeh has impregnated one of his Protocol staff.


jammeh infertility 2In coming hours, we have a huge story to break! Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh has fathered a child out of wedlock. The girl in question works at the State House. She gave birth to a baby girl. Jammeh’s “relatives” represented the dictator at the naming ceremony of the newly born baby. 

The dictator personally financed the expenses associated with the naming ceremony. Though, he refused the child’s name to bear his last name Jammeh. The dictator is mad.

In the past, this medium reported about Jammeh dating the said girl. The girl is among Jammeh’s “Protocol staff.” She was christened last week by Jammeh’s delegation. The Kanilai monster is treating the matter as a secret. He doesn’t want his wife to be aware of  the latest child he fathered out of wedlock. 

Jammeh’s baby mama had two sisters residing overseas.  State House sources said they will furnish us with the girl’s picture including the new born baby. 

For now, we will put the story on hold until we hear from our sources. They are currently busy gathering bit and pieces.

Jammeh’s wife will no doubt be mad at the dictator, when our scoop hits the worldwide web. Stay tuned Gambia.

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