Barely twenty four hours after he demoted and transferred his State Guard Commander Ansumana Tamba, the deranged Kanilai monster, has reinstated Mr. Tamba with his full rank, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Dictator Jammeh did not only stop at reinstating Ansumana Tamba, he has also reinstated the twenty six soldiers he moved from the State House to other military barracks. Mr. Tamba and the guards under his command are back to the State House.

jammeh newMr. Tamba was demoted from the rank of General to Captain. He was transferred to the Yundum barracks.  The dictator has rescinded his decision, just like he did in the case of CDS Ousman Badjie. Tamba and co reported to work toay at the State House. 

It is now clear that no one is safe at the State House. Even General Saul Badjie is not safe. The erratic dictator is acting recklessly. He is ordering for the arrest, and demotion of soldiers.

Now that General Tamba and his guards are back to base, they should do what’s expected of them before this monster kills them. Jammeh is a loose goon. He is not with himself. He has lost his damn mind.

Something happened during the First Lady’s fundraising gala dinner. A soldier emailed the Freedom Newspaper exposing Jammeh’s extramarital affair. The said story never went down well with Jammeh. The story has created feud at Jammeh’s home. His gold digger wife went after him.

In coming days, The Gambia is going to be interesting. Jammeh will know that forced cannot buy loyalty. Money cannot buy loyalty. Divide and rule cannot buy loyalty. His most trusted security aides will abandon him when things get though.

Below is the story, which is setting Jammeh off. The story attracted over ten thousand hits hour after it was published. 


Dear Pa, I have been a keen follower of your programs, but I have never made a contribution; on reasons that you already know.

First of all , I hope I am safe and you shall safeguard my identity for my safety and well being.

Zeinab Jammeh exposedI am a soldier at the State House, for the past 6 years; rotating of course between Yundum Barracks to Fajara Baracks and bulldozer and now back to the State House again.

As you know, we soldiers are not happy with our president. The face and image he shows people outside is different from what we are going through. 

We prefer General Saul Badjie and we wish he takes the chance of overthrowing him during the December 30th attack, when the president was away, but he is loyal to him as he is the one who does all his dirty jobs and marabout thing for him.

The latest about the First Lady’s Foundation gala is that it was so boring even the food was not a serve yourself thing like we used to do at the State galas…coco ocean waiters were serving people small food on the table.

And the president did not even attend as all is not well between the two. But the president as usual, was upstairs enjoying himself with his women whilst the first lady was at the gala.

General Saul Badjie was there at the event and he kept going up and down to give information to him.

One of the president’s longtime girlfriend was there. She was not seen at the State House since the president’s last birthday party at the State House. I was surprised to see her looking elegant in an African wear. She now works for one private company and she in order to fake people she came with a guy dressed in blue and white Haftan.  After a while General saw her and went to inform the president, who later sent him to bring her upstairs. She came upstairs briefly and went back to the program. 

Who said the president likes only fair colored girls?  I don’t know what this girl has done to him, but she is one of the longest relationships we know of. She is the main reason the president dismissed General Masaneh Kinteh and Lamin Satou Bojang and redeployed them on foreign missions to Venezuela and Saudi because he was informed that she was dating General Kinteh through Lamin Bojang.

I don’t want it to look like a character assassination so I don’t want you to publish her name, but let the Gambia people know that this is what the president is doing. She is a Fula lady, but not fair in complexion; very down to earth. The president does everything for her, but she never shows off.  I will give you more update on the issue.

And for your information, the president always asks for update about your paper every morning to know what you have said about him. And there are special people he assigned to always monitor your radio.

When he sees this, he will be surprised because this is a lady she doesn’t play with and only a few people know about his relationship with her.

You will hear from me soon after he sees it.  I will inform you about his reaction.

Thank you.

Written By A State Guard Soldier

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