Gambia: Mr. and Mrs. Jammeh: Going “ GREEN” To Enrich Themselves


The First Lady’s call to workers of public enterprises, civil service employees and service people to join her on Saturday to work on Jammeh’s farm, is a publicity stunt for her campaign to raise funds from the Arabs. She will use the pictures of all those unsuspecting volunteers in a video presentation for her foundation to raise huge funds from the Arab world.

Lately, the First Lady’s Foundation have been spearheading a vigorous campaign to raise millions of US Dollars and so far her activities have fallen short of the target. The gala was a disaster according to credible reports from those close to her office, that is why immediately following the gala she is embarking on this ‘green’ campaign to take photos for her next program.

We are told that her OSCF has been formed to complement government policies in the health, vegetation, social welfare directed towards the welfare of children and other vulnerable groups. The best way to complement the efforts of  her husband’s government is to immediately account for all the monies she has received for the foundation including the USD 75,000 from the Turkish Ambassador in January 2016, the USD 210,000 received last month from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and the amount realized from the gala. If she can pay taxes on these money to GRA then she is really helping government to realize its objectives in the health, education and social welfare of children by help to increase revenues. Otherwise, this is just a desperate attempt to look for more money from the Arabs to help in the reelection of her husband.

Written By An Insider

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