Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh has embarked on sacrificing children for ritual purposes ahead of the country’s December, 1st 2016 Presidential elections. For the past week or so some Gambian communities —both rural and urban communities have reported about their children being abducted by security agents driving in an unnumbered tainted vehicles. The kids are usually baited with bananas and other food stuffs by their abductors before they are blindfolded and put on board a tainted car and whisked away to an unknown location.

jammeh newIn the region of Wulli, Niani, Basse, Soma, and the Kombs, boys and girls have been routinely abducted from their respective homes. The people of Wellingara have also complained of their kids being abducted. Affected families have filed missing child complaints with the police.  So far none of the abducted children has been recovered. Their abductors have not been found either.  

Kids playing outside their homes, are usually vulnerable or prone to such secret illegal abductions allegedly perpetrated by dictator Yahya Jammeh’s constituted assassin team called the jungullars. Dozens of Gambian kids have been reported missing by their families.

In the past, dictator Yahya Jammeh, has been linked to such illegal abduction of children. His former close aide Solo Bojang, who is now in prison used to abduct the kids for him. The abducted kids are usually buried alive. In some occasions, the kids are forced to swallow concoctions before their abductors will bury them alive.

Concerned Gambian mothers have raised the alarm bell by recording audio messages on What’sapp and social media platforms to expose the ongoing abduction of boys and girls in the impoverished West African nation.

The Gambian dictator believes in idol worshiping. He has shrine sites in the coastal village of Gunjur, Kartong, Kanilai, and at the State House. The dictator sacrifices human beings just to stay in power.  

Last week, Jammeh told his Ministers, during the signing of a road project earmarked for rural Gambia that “ no elections, military coup, or foreign power” can remove him from power. Jammeh said he has the backing of God, and nothing can shake his regime. He also alluded that the signing of the road projects should not be misconstrued as a political propaganda to seek reelection.

“ This so called… Those who want to be President, and they will not even be members of the National Assembly. I swear to God. If People want they can vote for them, but they will never be President in this country. They will go around and tell the people of CRR and URR, oh you see is because of elections that’s why they are rushing to build the road. Gambians know that no election, no military, or no foreign power can take me out of office unless Allah say so.  So until that day, I don’t do things for elections because I am elected by Allah and Allah’s election is better than the election of the entire world human race,” said Jammeh amid a rousing clapping from his Ministers and attended guests.

At the said meeting, Jammeh declared a ban on imported materials on road construction especially basal. He took a jab at neighboring Senegal by accusing them of imposing what he calls “irrational border closure.”

Written By Pa Nderry MBai

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