Nepotism will not help any institution to achieve its objective. The board members of GPPA have been violating the service rule of GPPA just to favor MR. Kebba Sallah to be in the system for years regardless of the law.

Mr. Sallah was retired 4 years ago and the service rule allowed him to be contracted for only two years. After serving that two years, he was given another two years illegally and again the board has approved extra one year subjected to another approval.

GPPA has more than 5 master’s holders who has no choice but to play in the hands of board that doesn’t care about the motivation of young graduates. This is unacceptable and we want the Government be aware of this terrible system prevailing at GPPA which is meant to encourage favourism.

Mr. Sallah did not have any qualification more than BED in Education, this is why he has lobbing at the end of the year for extension. Ask the board and the Director General, are they fare to other staff?

We are all family members and leaving someone to stay for six years after pension is unacceptable especially when others need motivation and are more qualified than him. We respect our Director General, but we cannot agree on this. Pa please call Mr.  Danso on xxxx and ask him if he is doing justice to us as employees? We are not stopping here but to any level if need be.


Written By A Concerned  Staff.

Editors note: Mr. Tumbul K Danso could not be reached for comment when contacted. His line was on voicemail when reached on Saturday.

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