Gambia: Politic Is Not A By Force Process


Over the years, Jammeh has become the most hated and unpopular politician in the Gambia, simply because of his forceful actions and utterances on Gambians. Jammeh’s stature as the Commander -in -Chief of the armed forces made him be in power for 22 years. If Yaya Jammeh was an ordinary politician vying for political office, he will never be elected even a household head.

Gambians resident at home have no iota of doubt that Yaya Jammeh cannot and will not win the December elections. Gambians at home have decisively turned their back on Jammeh. There is not a single Gambian at home who is not convinced of this fact.

The majority of Gambians at home are now clearly divided between voting for the Coalition or GDC. Both camps have die-hearts militants, supporters and sympathizers that cannot be moved or make them switch from one camp or the other. This is to prove to us that people choice is a reality that cannot be removed or forced on no one.

The beauty about this coming election though is that I have not heard people on the ground openly advocating to vote for Jammeh. This fact alone is comforting in knowing that Jammeh will be handed the red card in December.

What next?

Today, we are witnessing the same by force attitude that characterizes Jammeh over the years coming from some Gambian quarters especially those in the diaspora. This by force attitude cannot achieve a thing amongst a people or parties that do not command the reigns of power.

More over and sadly so, we have witnessed on social media and online radios virulent insults, denigrations and belittling of the coalition versus the GDC camps.

Again, we should understand that no camp could force the other to switch over. No amount of insults, smear campaigns and intimidation can achieve that. The best thing to do is to hold your guns, think positively and engage in close collaborations to achieve the common objective of removing Jammeh from office peacefully and democratically. Presidential elections is not about coalition or parties, it is about individual candidates and the electorate dixit President Macky Sall when interviewed by Pape Ale Niang on 2STV in 2012. Nothing can be more factual than this truth in African politics where leaders mostly personify the political parties. Political parties in the Western hemisphere operate on a different ball game and transposing their modus operandi on African politics albeit dictatorships equates to wishful thinking or comparing apples and oranges.

In our case even the APRC should not be alienated and should be encourage joining the opposition for they are also a force to be reckon with. Failure to do so equate to being novice in politics.

Four months ago, many online and social media warriors did not believe in elections. Today many have changed their minds and now believe elections can remove Jammeh from office.

We are all happy and are now embracing the democratic culture of freedom of change. Since we accepted to play by the contest and engagement rules, we should henceforth embrace the fact that only coaxing, openness and diplomacy pays in elections. We should refrain from antagonisms and blackmailing tactics.

If Gambians can convince themselves that Jammeh will score less votes far below the Coalition and GDC, then there is absolutely no need to blast and insult each other going forward. Now is the time to enter into an MOU between the Coalition and GDC to campaign EXCLUSIVELY against Jammeh and desist from castigating each other.

The campaign slogan for this election should be: Vote massively against Yaya Jammeh.

Again and finally the APRC should also be encouraged to join the opposition.

Thank you.

Written by Baboucarr Bojang.

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