Despite earlier concerns raised over his qualification as a Presidential aspirant, the GDC leader Mama Kandeh’s nomination papers have been accepted by the Independent Electoral Commission. The IEC Chairman said Mr. Kandeh has fulfilled the requirements for one to run for the Presidency. 

“As at now, it is my pleasure to hand you over this letter. That we accepted your nomination. Good luck,” Alieu Mamar Njie said. Mr. Njie assured Kandeh and his entourage that the elections would be free and fair. He also stated that the documents submitted by Kandeh would be subjected to scrutiny. 

Mama Kandeh in response thanks the IEC and its staff for availing us this opportunity when it comes to electoral process. He also thanked the IEC for the sensitization process in educating voters.

“The documents we submitted is valid and real,” Kandeh said. He also calls for an election free violence. He reaffirmed GDC’s commitment to comply with the IEC’s electoral laws. 

Speaking to the press shortly after his nomination, Mr. Kandeh denied allegations that he is a puppet candidate propped up by dictator Yahya Jammeh. Kandeh said such allegations are false and completly unfounded. He maintains that he is the first Gambian who served the ruling APRC to oppose dictator Jammeh. 

On the question whether it is late for him to reach a deal with the opposition alliance, Kandeh replied in the negative. He however, stick to his gun on the issue of a nationwide primaries. Mr. Kandeh said if the alliance agrees to his proposal his doors are open for talks. He told the press that the GDC consists of supporters from the ruling party and other opposition parties.

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