Lawyer Darboe is on record that he will never ask his supporters to go to the streets. On numerous occasions critics and activists have been asking Lawyer Darboe to take to the streets because he has the biggest opposition political party and unless he takes Jammeh head on regime change will never happen in the Gambia. Lawyer has always refused to do that because he consciously and morally cannot carry the burden of taking people in the streets in harms way. Moreover he said because he is not asking his own children to take to the streets he will never ask other people’s children to take the risk. These were Lawyer own words on many interviews he granted to the online media.

Where is Lawyer Darboe today?

Some of the diaspora folks not being satisfied with Lawyer Darboe’s stand planned behind his back and instigated some of his youth party militants to take to the streets. What happen then? Lawyer Darboe as a compassionate father had no other choice but to demand Solo Sandeng’s body from the state and the rest of the story is history. Where was Adama Barrow when Lawyer took to the streets? Adama Barrow was nowhere to be seen. How is Lawyer Darboe’s family feeling today? Where are the people who wanted Lawyer Darboe to take the streets? Where are the people who instigated Solo Sandeng to take to the streets? How is the family of Solo Sandeng feeling today? Now everyone is busy on Coalition this GDC that whiles the victims are either in heaven or languishing in jail.

Gambia let us stop the hypocrisy, the hatred and conspiracies if we really want GOD to come to our rescue. As long as we push one another in harms way and lie against each other without being ready to do good deeds ourselves, we will never earn GOD’s respect or liberate ourselves from tyranny.

Is Yaya Jammeh still not the president of the Gambia?

In as much as we hate Yaya Jammeh and want him get out of office, he is still the Head of State and will always be to the eyes of the world until otherwise. A head of family can be drunkard or a foolish adulterer but will his family disown him? Will others not call him father?

Yes Yaya Jammeh is a killer, a thief and what ever else we like to call him but as long as he is the president of the country, all republican protocols will be observed for the office he holds. Whether we like it or not doesn’t matter, what matters is that until he is out of office the minimum accorded him in our constitution will be enforced on us.

Gambians are so much in haste in to see Yaya Jammeh out that sometimes they do not distinguish between who is their friend and who is their enemy.

We are fond saying let us think outside the box but emotions, hatred and sentiments and partisanship quickly sets in and blindfolds our judgments to our own chagrin. No outside country will come and liberate us. We have been calling them for twenty years now. We are the ONLY ones that can drive Jammeh out of office. Over the years several attempts have been made on the military front alas! All failed. Now we are embarking of the democratic means with the same objective of voting him out of office and here again instead of concentrating in solidifying our strengths, here we are accusing and castigating each other whiles our common enemy enjoys a Sabbath.

GDC not joining the coalition does not make them our enemies.

What can GDC do to anyone? ABSOLUTELY nothing. Why are we then wishing them hell on earth? Again GOD is saying these Gambians are not serious, I have given them someone who can draw from Jammeh’s party militants to add to their strength but here they are trying to disqualify him even before Jammeh’s IEC do so. What do these Gambians want now?

Should GOD leave us with our expertly skills of fighting each other in front of our common enemy? It seems Gambians enjoy more destroying each other than joining hands in removing their common problem.

We can fool ourselves but we cannot fool GOD and the world. Whatever we are is what we deserve.

I rest my case.

Thank you.

Written by Baboucarr Bojang.   

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