GRTS boss Momodou Sabally is sleeping tonight at an NIA mosquito infested cell. He is sharing cell with Sarjo Jallow, the former Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister. Mr. Sabally was booked on arrival at the NIA as he was escorted on board a double cabin pickup truck.

Fresh information from the GRTS indicate that Mr. Sabally’s sacking has to do with an alleged financial impropriety. Dictator Yahya Jammeh personally ordered the NIA to effect his arrest. Mr. Sabally was picked up shortly after he (Sabally) attended the political parties MOU meeting.

The Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, represented “prisoner” Yahya Jammeh at the meeting, where opposition leaders were in attendance. Jammeh has been avoiding the public view for a while. He was even afraid to join his wife at his Kanilai farm during the weekend amid reports of rebels presence in the country. The MOU meeting was later called off. Jammeh was nowhere to be found. 

Momodou Sabally was being trailed by intelligence operatives as soon as he left the hotel, while heading out to his Kotu home. He got stopped few miles away from his home by some NIA arresting operatives. Mr. Sabally was asked to disembark from his GRTS official Car (GRTS 1) and join the operative for questioning at the NIA.  Sabally, who was trembling when confronted by the NIA, complied and boarded the NIA vehicle.

Mr. Sabally’s driver proceeded to his Kotu, home, to inform Sabally’s family that the GRTS boss has arrested by some NIA personnel. The driver then returned to the GRTS, where the news of Sabally’s firing and arrest circulated like a wildfire. This is how his family, got to know about his whereabouts.

Mr. Sabally is expected to be interrogated on Wednesday by the NIA. For now, he is under state custody.  More arrests are expected in coming hours according to our sources at the State House. 

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