Just in! Dictator Yahya Jammeh has supplied tons of t shirts bearing his ugly face and the virtually dead APRC party to military barracks, police, Immigration, prison wardens, and NIA officers ahead of his nomination on Thursday, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. As we file this report, members of the security forces including recruits, have received Jammeh’s t shirts. They have been advised to show up in the streets to accompany the out of touch Gambian dictator to the Independent Electoral Commission election house tomorrow. Jammeh is running out of support base. He is resorting to using members of the security forces to pretend as civilians, who are in support of his dying regime. 

jammeh newHighly placed sources at the State House have intimated that the dictator is banking on the support of the security forces masquerading as civilians to create a fake support base impression for him on Thursday. There will be few APRC Green, Green boys, who will be part of his entourage at the IEC.

Now it’s evident that Yahya Jammeh doesn’t have support base in the country. Even the soldiers are not happy that he is pimping them politically. Other security units are equally not happy.

The Chairman of the IEC Alieu Mamar Njai, is being placed on notice about Jammeh’s latest desperate move to violate the electoral law. Members of the security forces are expected to remain impartial during this crucial period of our nation’s fragile political history. The politicization of of our security forces should stop now! 

Yahya Jammeh’s own trusted aides at the State House and the NIA are the ones leaking this unethical and dishonest conduct of the dictator. Little did Jammeh know that even the members of the security forces are tired of his divisive politics. They do not want to be used  by Jammeh to rig the elections or intimidate their own countrymen and women.

There is a rude awakening for Jammeh on December, 1st. Members of the security forces are going to vote against him. The alliance stands a chance of winning. Mama Kandeh too stands a chance. Kandeh has the backing of the security forces. There are unnamed Generals in the army, who are supporting Kandeh. All will come to light after Jammeh is voted out of office. 

The APRC is a one man show party, headed by a dummy and an idiot in the person of Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh is going to be shocked on election day. He will virtually loose in almost all the regions of The Gambia. The IEC has no choice but to announce the victor. Jammeh will not be the victor in the coming polls, unless he rigs the polls. 

To the soldiers, we understand your frustrations towards Jammeh. He is using you for political gains against your own conscience. December, 1st is an opportunity to side with progressive Gambians to effect the Tsunami change, we have been waiting for all these years. Let Jammeh continue with his daydreaming and marabout fortunetelling. Gambians will take their country back in weeks to come. Change is unstoppable.



Written By A Staff Writer 

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