22 years ago, Yaya Jammeh came to power with little less than D700- overdraft in his bank account. Today Yaya Jammeh has over 60 Agricultural lands with a total of over 500 acres all over the country. Yaya Jammeh has over 30 landed properties and buildings in the Greater Banjul. Yaya Jammeh has several large and luxurious buildings in Kanilai City. Yaya Jammeh supervises and patronizes the KGI company involve in import export activities and Kanilai Family Farms company which operates bakeries and sells other items. The question is where did Yaya Jammeh get all this wealth in 22 years and moreover is Yaya Jammeh paying land rents, customs duties, income taxes and VAT?  Yaya Jammeh has a large fleets of luxurious vehicles, trucks and buses and we wonder if he pays Road and motor licenses fees?

Who in the Gambia can question Yaya Jammeh on the above state tax obligations? Will the IEC question Jammeh with regard to his tax clearance certificates and asset declarations?

If the IEC cannot ask these questions to Yaya Jammeh with regards to his nomination then it has no moral rights to ask other candidates any questions.

Some APRC pundits opening their mouths in the diaspora defending Yaya Jammeh should be ask themselves the following questions.

  • Who finances all the development projects they brag about?
  • Can government salaries carter the needs of the civil servant families.

We all know that taxes we pay to government, the grants received and the repayable loans government contracted from International and local creditors on our behave are what are used as false propaganda to personalize everything in the name of Yaya Jammeh.

This year alone the diaspora have remitted over $580 millions to families in the Gambia. The total government salaries paid this year is about $25 millions. Can one compare the two figures and honestly say who are feeding Gambians families?

Yaya Jammeh’s personal wealth is not justifiable by any standard, reason why he is hanging unto power by all means necessary because he does not want to face a 3rd republic commission of inquiry. Yaya Jammeh should remember that he commissioned an inquiry on the 1st republic government he should therefore accept and get ready to do so as what goes around comes around.

Get ready to explain Yaya, you have lot to say and you will not and cannot escape JUSTICE. You started it first and others will repeat it until the end of times.

To the IEC, we understand you cannot announce electoral results that are contrary to what is counted on the SPOT. Yaya Jammeh did not sponsor the elections it is the taxpayers that paid for it. We trust you will have the courage of your OATH.

Long live the Gambia! Long live the Opposition!

Thank you.

Written by Baboucarr Bojang.

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