Hi Pa, these are few information from the ground. Eye Africa TV is a private network. GDC paid him for coverage. The coalition also paid him but unfortunately the internet was so erratic that day that even downloading an ordinary mail was a problem.

The Coalition turn out was also very good in deed. Nomination day is seen by local politicians as the most important day for any candidate or party. They called it  “Ngenteh day or Christening day.”  Both opposition candidates were an overwhelming success as Gambians approve.

Momodou Sabally was arrested because he was not able to finish the editing of the Saturday Green day at Kanilai. It was a failure so they had to doctor the pictures to show a greater a number of attendees but they could not finish on time to show it on prime time on Monday immediately after the 8 o’clock news. Hence, the GDC nomination and crowd was shown before the Green day. JK got mad and ordered his arrest and dismissal. He is still under custody at the NIA.

Finally the local banks are complaining of lack of business transactions for the past month. As they are about to close the end of year accounts, their books do not look good at all with any of the banks.

Written By A Gambian On The Ground

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