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Interesting developments are happening at the University of The Gambia. Sources have it that the so-called Oustas Omar Jah has vacated the position of DVC, Admin and has a foreign job to take up. This hypocrite Jah has singlehandly picked Momodou Jain to succeed him on the promise that Jain was going to continue Jah’s effort to remove the Finance Director from office. Information reaching this source has it that this bunch of good for nothing group within UTG were able to penetrate the new Vice Chancellor Anjum. Serious efforts are in the offing by Jah, Jain and Co to ensure that the Director lose his job.

jammeh newIt is really surprising to see Jain take such a stand. Why? This Jain of all people was the one who made UTG to once lose D500, 000.00 because of infidelity. Jain sometimes in UTG history has a female lover with whom he would stay late at office. But as history would have it the former works supervisor caught the two bedfellows in the act in the then Registrar’s office. This then became well known to almost UTG staff.

This matter eventually lent into court evidence when one Johnson Ellis sued the University for wrongful termination. The then UTG Administration, judging that Jain’s infidelity act was going to jeopardize the case, settled the matter out of court and therefore agreed to pay Mrs. Ellis D500,000.00. The UTG financial records are there to verify the veracity of this study. What moral standing did Jain have to ensure the dismissal of any staff? If anything, he should be the one to be fired.

A word to the new Vice Chancellor! The Vice Chancellor should be on the watch and judge each employee on his/her merits. Those who are currently encircling you may take advantage of you lack of knowledge of the terrain and therefore attempt to use you to settle scores with real and perceived enemies. UTG is a much more complex behavioral dynamics than you may see on the face of it. Time will tell and history will judge you.

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