Pre-election violence, voter intimidation, and massive arrest of the citizenry continues to mare Gambia’s upcoming polls scheduled for December, 1st, 216, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  A Gambian professional photographer, who tried to photograph dictator Jammeh’s motorcade, has been taken into custody last night. Alhagie Manka, was arrested at 2:00 PM Gambian time, and whisked away to an unknown location. Agents of the NIA arrested Mr. Manka. He was picked around the busy intersection of Westfield.

Mr. Manka has listed on his Facebook profile as the Chief Executive Officer for the State of Mic. He is a Gambian youngster, engaged in professional photography. He was in the US recently. He crisscrosses the length and breadth of the United States during his visit. He was mostly based in Seattle, Washington.

Mr. Manka’s only perceived crime was taking a photograph of Jammeh’s convoy. His family couldn’t access him since his arrest on Thursday afternoon. 

Amnesty international and other rights groups, including the international community should take note of the pre-election violence taking place in The Gambia. Agents of The Gambian dictator are the ones perpetrating such crimes with impunity. Voters, journalists, human rights activists, and observers are being routinely intimidated by Jammeh’s agents with impunity. 

Written By A Staff Writer

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