Just in! Men and women of Gambia’s security forces have been summoned to report to Kanilai, dictator Yahya Jammeh’s home villa, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Soldiers, policemen, Immigration officers, NIA officers, Firemen, and prison wardens have been ordered to converge in Kanilai on Saturday. Only security officers on essential duties have been exempted from the latest order. We can report that thousands of servicemen will be in Kanilai this morning.

saul-badjieAs we file this report, the Yundum Barracks is overcrowded with soldiers, as the soldiers have been quarantined at one location to travel to Kanilai in the morning. Other military barracks have also placed their soldiers on standby.

The Kanilai security convergence is political. The confused Kanilai monster is not sure about the loyalty of the security forces. He has asked his security command to tell their men to show up in Kanilai with their voters’ card. Jammeh wants the security forces and their families to vote for him come December, 1st. He is using the Kanilai convergence to plead with the security forces not to betray him.

There is also another angle associated with the Kanilai convergence. Soldiers, policemen, Immigration officers, NIA officers, firemen, and prison wardens have been told that they are also going to work on Jammeh’s farmland during their presence in Kanilai. GRTS and radio Gambia is going to cover the work being done on Jammeh’s farm by the security forces. Interviews will be conducted. The security forces will pledge their loyalty to the mad dictator.

Folks, Yahya Jammeh is in a panic mood. Even though he has rigged the polls ahead of time, he is increasingly worried about the loyalty of the security forces. Jammeh is doing everything humanly possible—be it real or fake to appease the soldiers.

The good thing is that; there is no sane Gambian, who likes Jammeh. Jammeh is aware of the growing public dissatisfaction against his regime. That’s why he is resorting to using intimidating tactics to scare the security forces. He is also employing divide and rule tactics to undermine the security forces.

Some of  our trusted and dependable sources embedded in the security forces, who have been scheduled to travel to Kanilai, have promised to visit the residential unit, where the Casamance cross border voters have been hosted. If avail with the opportunity, our sources will take pictures and conduct secret interviews with the illegal voters.

We know for a fact that some of the Green, Green boys hosted at the said location have been asked to relocate to their families until after the elections. Kanilai is overbooked at this hour. There are guests from Casamance all over the place.

It is good to know that our military barracks are ill manned. The majority of the soldiers are travelling to Kanilai to farm for Jammeh. Yahya Jammeh is selfish.

Finally, Yahya Jammeh made the biggest lie of the century when he visited the IEC during his nomination, by promising to make free university education for Gambians. Jammeh has overtime become a pathological certified liar. This was the guy, who bandied around town to make The Gambia food sufficient in 2016, and today Gambia is a starving nation. If lies was among the things that Gambian voters would look at to disqualify a candidate, Jammeh would have been voted out of office longtime ago. Jammeh is a congenital liar. 

If Jammeh thinks that rigging elections will sustain him into office, he should brace up for a rude awakening. Gambians have had enough of his lies, deception, treachery, sheer greed, and nepotism. Anything could happen now and after polling day. Just watch!!!

Written By A Staff Writer 

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