The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has cleared all the three Presidential aspirants scheduled take part in the country’s December, 1st 2016, Presidential elections. The three candidates vying for the Presidency are: Incumbent dictator Yahya Jammeh, of the ruling APRC, Mama Kandeh, of The Gambia Democratic Congress party (GDC) and Adama Barrow, of the newly formed opposition alliance.

IEC Chairman Alieu Mamar Njai, announced that the nomination papers of the trio have been accepted. He said the candidates have met the necessary requirements that qualifies one to run for President.

Mama-KandehMama Kandeh, whose educational qualifications was widely debated in some quarters, as someone who was likely to be disqualified has been finally cleared by the Commission. None of the papers submitted by Mama was queried by the Commission.

The three candidates will hit the campaign trail next week to sell their parties manifestos and programs. Dictator Jammeh has told the Commission Chairman Alieu Mamar Njai during the submission of his nomination papers that he is going to win the polls.

Works Minister Balla Jahumpa has told the Daily Observer that 50,000 voters have backed Jammeh’s nomination.

“The Election Act states that a presidential candidate should be backed by 5000 registered voters with at least 200 voters from each administrative region but the APRC presented 50, 000 registered voters to back the nomination of the incumbent President Jammeh,” Jahumpa, the minister of Works and Transport told the Daily Observer in a post-nomination interview at the Election House.

“And we even have more to back the nomination of our leader of the July 22nd Revolution and the President of Islamic Republic of The Gambia, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr. Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa. And we know the political consciousness of the Gambian people is so high that they know who can lead and develop this country and we are praying to the Almighty Allah for the Gambian people to come out in large numbers and show their solidarity and support to the leader of the 22nd July Revolution so that he can continue to initiate development programmes that addresses the needs of the Gambian people.” he said.

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