Gambia’s deranged dictator and his emissaries have bought thousands of voters’ card ahead of the December, 1st polls, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. As evident on these Voters’ card images published online, the dictator has crafted a scheme in rigging the elections. Jammeh and his political surrogates in some occasions compelled voters to swear to the Holly Koran that they will vote for him come election day. He in turn confiscate some of the voters’ card he bought from private citizens.

There are so many nasty things happening on the ground as we file this report. Jammeh is not certain of wining the polls. As such, he has resorted to buying votes, and intimidating the citizenry.

According to sources, foreigners are also taking part in the elections. Thousands of non-Gambians have been transported into the country to vote. They have been hosted in various parts of the country.

The Independent Electoral Commission should caution Jammeh and the APRC to stop the vote buying. Such illegal practices violates the electoral law.

There is another tactic being employed by the regime to prevent voters to show up on the polls to vote on election day. Jammeh’s surrogates are spreading rumors in communities that there is going to be fighting on election day. The whole idea is to prevent folks, who are determined to vote against Jammeh.

There is no doubt that Jammeh has rigged the polls ahead of time. It’s up to Gambians to reject the outcome of the elections on December, 1st. The IEC has proven to be part of the Jammeh establishment. Jammeh even told the Commission Chairman that without his government’s intervention there wouldn’t be elections because he funded the election. He told the Chairman that he doesn’t expect to loose the polls since he funded it. He said the west is refusing to fund the elections because of his electoral thievery.  

Written By A Staff Writer 

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