Truth be told, the NIA and Executive of the APRC should tell Yaya Jammeh the truth about this coming election on December 1st 2016.

Going by the nominations displays, there were two types of crowds, the Forced crowd of the APRC and the Freewill crowds of the two opposition candidates.

By all accounts, the opposition freewill crowds were five times greater than the APRC forced crowds comprising mainly security personnel and their families. One can also observe that over 90% of the APRC nomination crowd is of the Jola tribe. The Jola tribe represents less than 10% of the population. Going by these statistics, it is absolutely clear that all other tribes of the Gambia have turned their back on Yaya Jammeh.

It is also very important to note that Gambians are determined to vote massively this time around, we predict close 90% voter turnout on election day. Gambians are now saying that they will show the world that voting can remove a dictator and set a precedence for other countries to inspire from the Gambia come December 1st.

Many Jolas who settled in the Gambia less than 15 years are crossing back to Casamance for fear of electoral violence especially between the Mandinkas and the Jolas. There is real fear in the air with both opposing crowds chanting hostile language during the nomination procession days can substantiate this.

Verily Gambians are ready to make history and advisers within the intelligence and the APRC executive should tell Yaya Jammeh the hard truth. There is no way Jammeh can win this election as everybody predicts that he will not score more than 20% of the vote despite all the foreign voters and the security personnel and their families bent on voting for him.

Gambians in general are saying what patriotic soldiers could not do to remove Jammeh. We the civilians will do it by the ballot come December 1st.

Zainab Suma Jammeh should at this critical times forgo the material greed and think of her children’s father future. It is more important for Mariam and Mohamed Jammeh to live and see their father in a free house than risk him facing the many establish commissions of inquiries to be set up in the 3rd Republic.

If there is any one person Gambians hate most today, it is Zainab Suma Jammeh. The womenfolk in particular are in a haste to vent their anger on her as they mourn their husbands and uncles and sons.

Zainab, you have demonstrated to Gambians that you are too greedy and heartless but you are not STUPID. You should understand that every day has a night. Advice your failed and confused husband to negotiate an exit route.  It is better for your children who certainly love their father than taking the RISK of leaving them in dark clouds. You should be the best adviser to your husband.  Lest you hate him and do not wish him well. Who knows if you yourself might face the upcoming commissions of inquiries?

Yes your husband is a stubborn man and likes to brag about it but you and your children should take precedence over his stubbornness. Take heed of this warning.

Over the years, your husband has terrorized his entourage so much that they fear telling him the truth if it is against his wishes. But you as the mother of his children should tell him the truth if you yourself is truthful.

Will you tell your husband to accept GOD’s will? The ball is in your court.

“Madam, a vous le choix de votre liberte et celle de ta famille.”

Long live the Gambia.

Babucarr Bonjang.  

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