Dear Editor,

I am a Gambian female of 25 years. I would like to contribute to the recent article published by your newspaper on that so-called Doctor in the person of Momodou Jain. I must confess to your readership that I am not surprised to see such an article on the devil of such a character because of my own personal encounter with him. I hope that Jain will remember me. I have no cause to be malicious or lie against Momodou Jain, oh sorry Professor Momodou Jain because I heard he has been conferred professorship by UTG.

Early 2014, a female friend of mine informed me to try my luck with regards to one Norwegian Scholarship, Sutukoba or Helga, under the coordination of this man. Little did I know that Jain was the most shameless man I have ever encountered in my life up to that point.

After persistent followup for an award, what Jain told me is still ringing in my ears. He categorically told me that as with most potential female beneficiaries, I had to go to bed with him to stand a chance of any award. I had to prick my ears to ensure that what I heard was real. Eventually I composed myself and reasoned with Jain that I was from a poor family and he should therefore understand my plight and help me without any conditionality. I further informed him that I was still a virgin and knew not a man. But guess what? Jain said it was either my pants or there was not to be any scholarship. He told me that he had a big garden where we could go to hibernate for two hours.

I humbly declined Jain’s offer, if one can call it that, and match out of his office. Thanks God, I was eventually able to secure a scholarship and I am now studying in a foreign country.

When I was in Gambia, I personally christened the scholarship not as Sutukoba or Helga Scholarship but Momodou Jain’s Adulterous Scholarship Package, and Adulterous Scholarship Package indeed it was!

The previous article on the theme has jolted my memory afresh. I really wonder how many young Gambian girls who benefitted from Jain’s scholarship had fallen victim to this wolf in a sheep’s cloth. In fact, I have decided to make this writeup so that the authorities will know what was happening with that scholarship. In fact, when I first landed in Norway for my studies, I made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the sponsors and inform them about this womanization thing Jain was doing with their hard earned money.

Really I don’t know whether things have changed for good now. I sincerely wish they are.

By A Gambian Female student in Norway

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