Hello Editor: UTG’s Finance Director, Kojo is now fired with a resounding approval from the UTG governing council. Kojo had it coming! Several months ago, several write ups were sent to you by the supporters of Kojo with unfounded claims that he was good for UTG.  On the contrary several warning bells were rung revealing Kojo’s incompetence and misappropriation of funds, and lack of basic accounting knowledge; all these contained in an external audit report for years 2013/2014 and 2015/2016 audited accounts. Kojo’s tenure at UTG is marred with controversy of his own making. 

Of recent, using his protege, a fellow Ghanaian, Johannes, former Overseer (not a Dean) of the Law Faculty, Kojo had Johannes include his name on the list of people to attend the annual muting exercise in South Africa. This was a fully paid trip by the organizers, and yet Kojo fraudulently paid himself, and Johannes per diem  D110,000 each, and paid the students who were the actual beneficiaries of the muting, far less amounts.  Kojo defied council’s order not to travel out of the country until the PAC/PEC, and yet he laughed in their face and traveled to South Africa. This is tantamount to corruption, and favoritism of the highest order by Johannes and Kojo. But this is no surprise as Kojo has spent his six years at UTG with a demagoguery attitude of self aggrandizement derived from total control of the UTG bank accounts. Audit report, after audit report, has shown misappropriation of funds by Kojo with impunity. 

Kojo has live a lavished live in The Gambia with total access to UTG accounts with no oversight. The petition that was brought against Kojo had highlighted several improprieties that almost seem like fell on deaf years. But today with his firing,  the petitioners can take delight in knowing that they were right, and that they are vindicated today. 

Kojo and Co. cannot use Dr. Jah or Dr. Jain as causes of his firing. Kojo revealed his true colors to the new Vice Chancellor, and the VC, being a seasoned administrator, and a firm leader, saw through Kojo, and  knew he is a huge liability, and did not want to take a chance following many telling signs. Kojo showed the new Vice Chancellor disdain by refusing to provide him full accounts of the UTG funds with a provision of the bank statements, even after this request was made on several occasions. Kojo knew that the statements would be revealing of his mismanagement of funds, and therefore he refused to provide the statements. The VC simply refused to be taken for a fool, and decided to fire Kojo. So neither Dr. Jah, nor Dr. Jain can be blamed, or used as scapegoats for Kojo’s own doing that resulted in his sacking.

No amount of personal character assassination on the persons of Dr. Jah or Dr. Jain, can reverse the firing of Kojo. Kojo is in denial and had wished for the renewal of his contract. He will be well advised to pack up and leave because with his dismal record of incompetence, no company or institution will dare to hire him. Council knew better and hence denied his petition/apology letter to remain in office. So, he was begging to come back. For a man of highest level of arrogance, what a surprise that Kojo actually was begging to come back…so he was not after all, what he portrays; a big man.   

What a disgrace that Kojo can use a thief of a former work supervisor, Danso, to tarnish Dr. Jain’s name. Dr. Jain is a respectable family man, he has a beautiful family that is highly respect in their community and throughout The Gambia. Dr.  Jain is a hard working man that has contributed a lot to the development of The Gambia. How low can Kojo get in attempting to destroy Dr. Jain’s name? Of course, very low. Dr. Jain did not cause the firing of Kojo, Kojo fired himself as he had it coming; as he called it a “bum shell” when he called one of his enablers, a top official of UTG. Dr. Jain is one of the best sons of this land, and it is a disgrace that Kojo can be so desperate to scoop so low…he is hanging on a straw in the drowning ocean of self destruction.  Kojo is well advised to move on as UTG is greater than one man. It is also sad that Danso could not move on, and take care of his business, and not ally with Kojo to character assassinate innocent people. 

May be now Kojo will believe that there is a God, and that “you can fool people some time but you cannot fool people all the time” and 99 days for the thief and one day for owner…it is over Kojo, move on and find God, and pray, pray for it will rain for a long time; it is payback time…you remember that movie don’t you?

Written By An Insider 

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