The Gambian Ambassador in Washington DC Mr. Omar Faye is running the embassy as he runs his bedroom. Mr. Faye has hired one Lamin, a Senegalese at the embassy, who is running the office because Mr. Faye and his team of secondary school dropped outs cannot even write a letter to their girlfriends much more to State Department.

Pierre-MintehPa, this Lamin is now in charge of issuing visas, writing of note verbals, and all correspondence between the embassy and State Department.

I was so flabbergasted when I met the Senegalese in the embassy digging from one file to another. This should be a great concern to every Gambian because a foreigner especially a Senegalese working in our embassy compromising our state secrets is absurd. 

As we speak, the embassy has started collecting visa fees in cash instead of money orders. This cash collection is where this Senegalese is paid because the financial attaché refused to pay him salary. Now that government has reduced their salaries this cash collection is going to be dubious. WHY take visa processing from the Secretary if nothing crookedly is intended ?

Pa can you imagine this Senegalese is living in the basement of the embassy and according to sources Mr. Faye and Pierre Minteh smuggled ladies and take them there. They are using the basement as  a motel.

For Omar, his corruption and womanizing is not new. He is a pathological prostitute, who was caught having an affair with someone’s wife inside his official car when he was Minister of sports and Jammeh fired him as a result of that. 

Written By A Concerned Gambian

Editors note: Ambassador Omar Faye and Pierre Minteh could not be reached for comment. 

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