With few weeks before Gambians go to the polls to elect a new President, the son of Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission Momodou Njai, has predicted an electoral victory for Gambia’s De Facto dictator Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Njai, speaking in an exclusive interview with Freedom Radio Gambia on Monday, noted that Jammeh’s victory on December, 1st is rest assured—given the lack of preparedness and unity among the opposition to challenge Jammeh in the coming polls.

njai-dcEight opposition parties have formed an alliance to challenge Jammeh in the coming polls. The alliance is headed by Adama Barrow, of the main opposition UDP. Mama Kandeh of the Gambia Democratic Party (GDC) is also vying for the Presidency.

According to Mr. Njai, the recently formed opposition alliance poises no serious threat to dictator Jammeh. He said the alliance might likely come up with an appalling results in the coming polls. Njai said the GDC might perform way better than the alliance despite being new in the political race.

Mr. Njai, who lives in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, maintains that he has no doubt that Jammeh is going to win the elections.

“There is nothing new in my prediction of Jammeh’s election victory. I made a similar statement some time ago. I am just merely reinforcing my statement. Jammeh is going to win the elections. The opposition have woefully failed to come together on time. It’s too late for them to make any significant electoral victory. The alliance’s crowd during the nomination and that of the GDC of Mama Kandeh, Jammeh’s crowd was far larger than their crowds combined,” said Mr. Njai.

Mr. Njai tells Freedom Radio that he made a similar prediction about Donald J Trump’s Presidency pre-American elections. He said Trump’s victory was imminent despite controversies associated with the New York born billionaire.

Fondly called M Boy, the Serre-Kunda born native said he has all rights to speak his mind on issues affecting his country. He accuses his critics of being dictatorial by trying to silence him to shut up. 

“My father being the Chairman of the IEC, doesn’t disqualify me to speak my mind on issues about Gambia’s domestic politics. I have been speaking out and I will continue to speak my mind on issues. There is no law which says the son of the IEC cannot comment on Gambia’s political issues. My position is: Yahya Jammeh is going to win the elections. Already, some opposition elements have started claiming electoral fraud when the race hasn’t started yet. The ballots are yet to be cast. Jammeh has the crowds. The opposition must accept that they cannot win the elections,” he said.

 Mr. Njai also commented on a conversation his Dad had with Jammeh during Mr. Jammeh’s nomination. He said his father’s statement that “some opposition elements have alleged that non-Gambians have been registered by the IEC, should not be misconstrued.

“My Dad was in line for briefing Jammeh about what he heard. There is nothing wrong for him to convey about what he heard. He was treated with utmost respect by Jammeh. People should stop the speculations and false allegations. My Dad has a job to do, and he will execute it to the best of his ability without bias,” Mr. Njai said.

Mr. Njai said he has suffered all sorts of online bullying and death threats from opposition supporters for merely exercising his political opinion.  

“ I have received numerous threats from some supporters of the opposition. They even ridiculed and cursed my Dad online. They are threatening to attack my Dad in the event he announces Jammeh as the winner of the elections.  Some even disrespected my Dad online. Some said he lacks balls… These folks are very intolerant. They don’t want opposing views,” he said.

Mr. Njai doesn’t believe that the elections would be rigged. He said the opposition have failed to put its house in order and now they are making outrageous allegations without merit.

Mr. Njai took a jab at the Gambia Democratic Fund (GDF). He said despite his refusal to donate or support GDF’s cause, the organization’s surrogate(s) kept flooding his Facebook page with Gofundme link—soliciting funds from Gambians. Njai had in the past donated money to GDF, to a point that he asked his money to be refunded. He said GDF was not forthcoming with information about the monies they are collecting from Gambians. GDF has time and time stated that the collected funds would be used to support the opposition to effect democratic change in the impoverished West African nation.

Mr. Njai also raised the issue of contacting his Dad, when the Freedom Newspaper reported that his Dad was questioned by the NIA, shortly after his statement confirming that elections are rigged in some African countries.  Njai said his father denied having contact with the state operatives, although he said the recent Freedom Newspaper publication about soldiers storming his Dad’s office, asking to be issued with voters’ card was confirmed by one of his family members.

Finally, Mr. Njai said he doesn’t believe that his statement declaring Jammeh as the possible winner of the coming polls will render The Gambia ungovernable. He said Gambians should brace up for another five-year mandate for Jammeh despite their growing desperation for change.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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