Gambia’s erratic dictator Yahya Jammeh is embarking on a nationwide political tour today. Unless Jammeh changes his mind, the state media reported that the dictator will leave Banjul for the provinces on Monday. His first port of call  has not been disclosed. Jammeh is expected to leave Banjul at 10:00 AM Gambian time.

Jammeh is seeking for a fifth term mandate. He came to power through a coup in July of 1994.

According to sources close to Jammeh’s entourage, the dictator is likely to cross to the North Bank and then proceed to other side of the country. The tour is going to last for days.

Dictator Yahya Jammeh has told the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission that he is going to win the elections. He said his government is funding the polls, and he will never allow a puppet candidate to take charge of the affairs of the country.

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