Jungullar Sulayman Sambou has been reinstated back to the army. Sambou was held for months after he was accused of drug trafficking. He is now back to work. In fact, he is part of Yahya Jammeh’s entourage touring the country. Mr. Sambou is part of the advance team. Sambou has been complicit in the killing of the late Ebrima Solo Sandeng, of the main opposition United Democratic Party. He was among the soldiers, who tortured Sandeng to death. 

jammeh newYahya Jammeh, in the meantime, had a bad day today. He arrived in Farafenni, last night at around midnight. No one showed up to welcome him, besides the rented crowd he is travelling with. Farafenni, is now an opposition stronghold. The Alliance is controlling the city.

The few APRC supporters, who used to support Jammeh, have defected to the GDC. Mama Kandeh, has caused a serious dent within the APRC. Hence, Jammeh is contemplating to reach a truce with the GDC at this hour. There is no way that Jammeh can win the elections without reaching a truce with the GDC. This is evident on the low public turnout in his meetings. 

Mama KandehMama and his team were in Dakar over the weekend to officiate their support base wing in the French speaking country. We were told that one of his closest surrogates was spotted in Farafenni today, while Jammeh is being hosted at the Army Barracks. There is a lot of panic in Jammeh’s camp. 

The Jammeh Farafenni meeting is a complete failure. The meeting was held at the school. It lasted for less than an hour. Jammeh spoke for about fifteen minutes before he retires at the army base.

As reported by this medium some weeks ago, Jammeh is a virtual prisoner in his own country. Jammeh is scared to spend the night at his allocated guesthouse in Farafenni. He decided to sleep in the barracks under heavy guard protection. Some of his entourage members are even laughing at him privately. They are now convinced that Jammeh is a prisoner in his own land. 

As soon as he entered the Badibus, Jammeh sped with his convoy. He failed to hold meeting in key town and villages in the North Bank Region. People hardly shows up in the streets to welcome him.

He arrived in Farafenni at night. He was so embarrassed by the low public turnout. He even sent his surrogates in town to plead with the GDC supporters to help come attend his meeting. No kidding folks. True talk.

Mama Kandeh should not be fooled by Jammeh’s latest appeasement towards him. Jammeh is an equal opportunity exploiter. He will use you and dump you after the elections. The GDC should stand its ground and genuinely oppose the dictator. If need be, the GDC should join the alliance once and for all to vote out the dictator. 

As we file this report, Jammeh is at the Farafenni barracks. He is contemplating returning to Banjul. He was told by his security advisers that an attack is imminent in the CRR region. The dictator nearly defecated himself when his DE briefers advised him to suspend his tour.

One of our agents accompanying Jammeh told us that they have been advised to switch off their phones each time they are around Jammeh. The dictator doesn’t want his guards to be close to him while their phones are on.  This is the latest from Farafenni. This is a developing story. Watch this space for more updates.

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